How To Create A Seriously Effective Sales Funnel

If You Are Not Using Sales Funnels On Your Website You Are Losing Customers, Business AND MONEY!!!

In this video I am going to show you the NUMBER 1 reason that you are losing customers by NOT having a Sales Funnel on your Website.

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Hi I’m John from Sell Online Solutions, and today I want to talk to you about Sales Funnels.

Hey guys, let’s talk about Sales Funnels and the importance of having them. You’re probably here watching this video because you have a product or service or website that you would like to drive some traffic to and hopefully get the visitors to buy your service or product. Now in a traditional sense we might have an advertisement out on the net. That might be Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, or some other sort of advertising source like organic SEO results the goal is then to get the people who click your link or click on your ad to your Sales Page, so they can see what you’ve got and then get them to the order form to put in their credit card details, so they can buy your product or service and then you can make some money.

without a sales funnel

Unfortunately in this scenario there’s a major flaw, and that flaw is, if you take your traffic and you direct it straight to your Sales Page, you can lose out on a lot of business. So let’s ask ourselves some questions.

What if the person coming to the Sales Page sees what you got and might be interested in what you have but isn’t really ready to buy yet?

Or, maybe they’ve gotten distracted?

Or, maybe they don’t have time or don’t have their credit card details in front of them, etc…

There’s a million different reasons why someone might not buy right then and there. They might have every intention of buying what you’ve got, but just the timing just isn’t right.

So, what happens in this scenario is, unless you have something in place to prevent this, the visitors are going to leave this (sales) page. Once they leave, unless they’ve bookmarked the site for later (which a lot of people just don’t do), or they decide to come back, or they are reminded of it, or remember later on to come back; you’ll probably never ever see them again and (even worse) they might go buy someone else’s product or service that’s similar to yours.

So, we need to do is, we need to look at building an actual funnel to get our traffic from our ad to our Sales Page and maximize the opportunity in between.

What I’m going to show you today is just a simple sales funnel.

What we want to do is we just want to start with a page that goes in between the Sales Page and the traffic and that’s what we call an Opt-in Page. Now, an Opt-in Page is a page where the user, the visitor, can enter their email address before going to the Sales Page.

Simple Sales Funnel

Now why do we want them to enter their email address?

The reason why we want them to enter their email address is so we can get their contact information from them.

So, let’s say they put in their email address and it goes into our email list, our database, which is, by the by, the lifeblood of our business! This list is our ability to retarget, re-advertise or even advertise other products and services that you know, might not be the one that we have that we’re trying to sell today, but there might be other products and services we have in our arsenal that are similar or in the same niche.

And this means more opportunities!

Because what we’ve done is we’ve brought customers to our Opt-in Page, they’ve put in their email address, the email goes into our database, and then (from there) we want to send them on to the Sales Page.

Now, what we also like to sometimes do, is add an extra step in here (between our Opt-in Page and Sales Page), and that’s our Thank You page. So basically, we’re thanking them for adding their email into our Opt-in Page, so we can reward them in some way. So, either we can say, “Here’s your free e-book for putting your email address in our Opt-in Page, or just a simple thank you (reassurance) for clicking through and getting this far.

Also, this Thank You page can also be used as a bit of a Warm-Up page to our Sales Page.

So, what we can do here is actually further qualify the visitor by giving them a bit of information about the company or the product, or something to basically say, “Hey, you’re in the right place. What you’re about to see next is going to fulfill that want, need or desire, and when you continue on from here (click this button to go on to the next page), you’re going to see what we’ve invited you to see and you’ll have a chance to purchase it.”

So, the user clicks this (Button/Link) into our Sales Page, and our Sales Page has our presentation i.e. our pitch, our long-form copy and our ability to Add to Cart or to Check Out and fill in our order form with our credit card details and purchase the product and like I said before the beginning of the video, that’s where the money is.

That’s where the Money is…

So, all in all, by incorporating our sales funnel, not only have we offered a way to qualify our visitors, we’ve taken them from this level (leave contact details) to this level (qualify) to this level (sales pitch). We’ve also had the ability to warm them up a bit before they actually got to our Sales Page.

So now, it’s not just Ad to Sales Page. We’ve also created the opportunity to capture their email address, which like I said before, if for some reason the prospect doesn’t buy, or they don’t purchase at that moment because maybe they want more information, or do some research, or maybe the’ve been interrupted, or a million other reasons why.

But if they leave, well, all is not lost, because we have a way now to contact them.

Now, we’ll talk about this a little later on how you can be sure that you’re actually getting their correct contact details. In another video, I’ll go through some strategies for that. But for now, this right here (see video) is your basic simple sales funnel, and just by implementing this into your sales mix, you’re going to find that you’re going to, most of all, open up a lot more opportunities to re-engage with the customer as well as qualify the customer and warm them up a bit before they get to the crucial part which is the actual sale and the exchange of money.

So there you have it, a simple sales funnel and why you should incorporate it into your sales mix. If you enjoy today’s video, and you liked what you saw, and it might have helped you, please like the video below and also subscribe to my (YouTube) channel, because I’m going to be posting more videos up here with some tips and tricks to help better your business online.

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