Single Mum Earns $20K In 5 Weeks

Single Mum From Australia Earns $20,000 in 5 Weeks With Profits Passport


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Video Transcript:

hey how’s it going it’s david and i wanted to welcome you to this very special video case study this is for a member by the name of jane she’s a single mom from australia and she was able to do in a short period of just five weeks twenty thousand dollars with this program close to twenty thousand dollars in just five weeks of getting started so if you’re looking for a way to make money online and you’ve been maybe looking for a program that you can plug into something that’s already working then i want you to pay really close attention to this case study and at the end of it if this is a good match for you then i want you to click the button below and actually check out the system so with that being said enjoy the case study here we go welcome everyone to this incredible case study we’re about to share with you my name is david diekel and i’m here with jane from australia and jane is a member who’s just joined literally five weeks ago or so and she’s had phenomenal results and she’s been gracious enough to agree to come and do this call to help those of you who are potentially on the fence about joining the program you’re not sure you want to make money online but you haven’t found the right program so with that being said i want to turn it over to jane right now so jane welcome first of all to the call i appreciate you doing this thank you david and why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and uh kind of who you are where you’re from and just so the re the listeners can get a little sense of what who you are yeah okay so i want to thank you very much first of all for having me on and um it’s a real surprise and are a blessing and i also want to thank you so much for your intelligence of putting together an amazing business system for us so that’s just incredible um so i’m actually a mom in australia i have a couple of kids they are now uh 11 and 13. um i was a single mum for a while and um i know uh i i actually uh left my marriage like a little over a decade ago and i actually had a house fire on the night before our property settlement like we were and i was getting bugger all at that time anyway like virtually nothing um because we didn’t have a lot but uh the house caught fire with me and the kids on the top floor uh the night before it was actually due to go through so i was escaped with my life at midnight with the kids uh not much more than a dressing gown on and um you know actually had nothing because my poor ex had to actually fix that up so we didn’t um have any money and i was literally broke and homeless uh for a while i had to sleep on my dad’s floor with the kids for a few weeks well i found a crappy rental that had ants and peeling paint in the bathtub oh i know that there’s probably yeah it was just terrible and i know that there’s probably a lot of people that can relate to that sort of thing so you know coming from a marriage breakup it’s very very hard to recover financially you can take a very very long time and uh you know i’m a really really independent woman so although i met another fantastic man um and he obviously you know even helped me out before we were you know all that serious i still really needed into financial independence um you know even two years ago i was frustrated with where my business was which was in the spiritual niche actually and at christmas time david i actually had like a meltdown in the hardware store because i was so angry upset and frustrated that i couldn’t contribute more you know right and it’s really it’s it’s something um i went through obviously not similar experience to yours but i’ve i’ve had you know financial hardships in the past uh nothing like a house burning down or anything like that but i know the weight that not having enough to provide can can have on a person and once that and in a second by the way for everyone watching this you know obviously we’re here to also share with you the results and you see what kind of a pivot jane made from that ever since you know just in the last five weeks so for everyone that’s watching that’s maybe in a financial hardship right now just know that there there is a better way and we’re about to get into that in just a second so um so jane five weeks ago you know you um you joined this program the program with my system and what happened exactly first of all maybe tell us um how did you even find it what what led you to starting to maybe even look for money to make money online like was it always a thing you had a nick for or you just recently looked into it yeah so um i actually had my own business in the spiritual niche like i did a bit of counseling and some tarot card reading that sort of thing um but i actually found it very very very draining and i get health problems migraines and stuff from it um in actually promoting my own business i did obviously start to learn a bit about marketing i really enjoy marketing but marketing your own business is very very different to this sort of thing it’s very very different to affiliate stuff you know but i i actually joined um like a five-week challenge type of thing um back in march and that led me to another program it was supposed to be a business and like a lot of people that i speak to david a lot of people didn’t work at all not at all you know cost thousands so i actually saw some people that were in this program that doesn’t work and they were friends and i was like okay what is this thing they’re doing i can see they’re starting to make some money and um i you know i inquired about that found out what what the heck this is watched you thought it was like way too good to be true you know i’m like how can these people be making so much money i don’t understand this is just crazy um i i did speak to my friend in detail so i was like okay i trust this person you know i think i can do this i think i can make this work i i have enough pain in my previous job that i am determined enough to do whatever it takes to make this work for me i’m very determined person and i can see that i could see this is an amazing opportunity so that was kind of how you know a series of like basically kind of failures um and it’s not uncommon i i didn’t spend half as much money as other people i talked to every day day but that have spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to make things work even this morning and guys like jen i’ve tried drop shipping i’ve tried amazon i tried i tried selling books secondhand books i mean he says i can’t make any money and well you got to come on board right right okay so so five weeks ago you found that you joined because the person that you you asked about this told you that it works and you saw the results so what happened since how much have you what kind of results did you get in the five weeks since you joined so i actually have made just under 20 000 now in five weeks yeah your first five weeks you’ve made close to twenty thousand dollars that’s incredible that’s incredible and how how does that feel to go from struggling struggling struggling doesn’t work doesn’t work so all of a sudden 20k in five weeks okay well this is an interesting thing that i don’t think you see a lot of people talking about and i’m really really happy to talk about because that’s what i always wanted to know when i see people like making a lot of money i’m like look what does it feel like um so because it’s all very you know happened for me in a very very short space of time i guess one of the main things is my mind and brain and worldview is still catching up to that one of the fantastic things about joining your business david is that we become accustomed to seeing people receiving 2 000 payments every day if not several times a day so it i believe it actually does a really good job of rewiring our thinking to begin with and we become accustomed to it you know and then we start to begin to expect that ourselves so i made um in my first five days i actually did make my first two thousand dollar sale so your first five days already got two thousand dollars and and out of the 20 000 that you’ve made because a lot of people are watching this right now thinking you know uh i know that there’s programs out there where it’s 20 000 in sales or something and you get to keep a small portion of it tell people how much actually you get to make from all the commissions that is a very very good point because i have seen inferior um businesses you know and it turns out they’ve actually spent a lot on ads and things this is actually profit like i haven’t actually spent any money so you actually made twenty thousand dollars close to 25 with no ads no like free traffic incredible incredible and let me ask you what what actually made you like how was this program when you saw this what was different about this than all the other stuff that you’ve seen out there because i’m sure that you’ve been there’s thousands of other programs and and this one is different so obviously i can sit here and talk about it all day but i want the users to hear it from someone who’s actually joined yeah i have some very very good points on that actually david um so i i think it’s also like really really pertinent to tell everybody as well that not only did i make that first uk in five days i actually made um six thousand dollars in the first nine days like it’s just amazing you know so what most people make in a month like yeah yeah exactly the other thing as well and yeah there’s some points i’ll bring up later as well but in answer to your question what makes this actually an unbelievable program first of all um it’s got an amazing community of positive people you know mentors culture it’s got an extraordinary culture of being very very progressive lifting each other up in the community which i really really love secondly um it is actually a business that we’re in do you know and a lot of affiliate and high ticket affiliate and even low ticket affiliate um businesses or they’re actually courses you know their courses and yeah learning a course it’s a very niche market you know not everybody is interested in learning about something in particular whatever it happens to be and so you know this is actually a business that we’re selling and everybody is interested in the business everybody right i’ve had people from all walks of life approaching me not just typical people that are interested in i’ve had train drivers government workers uh psychologists everybody is interested in this because of the business um we actually have the biggest commissions that i have seen 100 commissions i mean how how much higher can it go only 100 but you know the top tier of 2 000 commissions which is pretty much like what i’ve made the most of that’s what we make the most of um they are the highest tier commissions that i’ve seen in in any program right and and just for everyone that that’s watching this there’s actually even higher commissions in the program that you can get to but we’re talking about the most common one the most common ones that people get are usually the 2000s and yes there are even ten thousand and eight thousand and sixteen thousand dollar commissions but the more common ones are the 2000 that’s the most popular one so so let me ask you james so how has making this kind of money changed like has it made a difference in your personal life like what’s different now that you can see that look there’s a better way there’s a predictable way and there’s this whole community that you didn’t even know existed five weeks ago and now you’re kind of part of that so how are things different now yeah things are really different um and i i’m so happy but there is just one thing that i wanted to say as well and let everyone know that the other thing that makes this business so different david is that we have you i mean you do like it’s true you lift us up you do so much for us within the community to promote the business it’s ridiculous and there is no other business or course or affiliate thing not that this is even a cause that actually has you and that has somebody doing all the follow-up all the you know promotions i mean it’s just extraordinary so that’s what really makes you stand out among the other things of this particular business thank you so i want to thank you for that um so one of uh there’s a few ways that my life has changed um first of all now i can finally um pretty much you know stop the work that i was doing before that caused me a lot of a lot of difficulty um which means that i will have less migraines that which means i can spend more time with my kids and family and be generally happier and i feel that i can still assist people you know like because what a what better way to get people out of poverty than to know about this sort of thing you know it’s just wonderful so the other thing is this and this is a really cool thing so i was at the shops the other day and my daughter was with me and we were getting some lollies and packets of lollies for her school camp and she picked up a packet of sour lollies and he decided after a minute of looking and scanning the lollies and she says oh mom hang on no i don’t want this one and she went to put it down and i said hon you know you can get as many packets of lollies as you want now i don’t have to worry about the cost of the packets of lollies you know and then we were at the 7-eleven and normally that was after school the kids all picked up donuts sushi and cans of drinks and i would normally be like guys can you just maybe put the doughnuts back we’ll be home soon and i’m like you know what knock yourself out you can do whatever you want now yeah that is unbelievable just being able to shout my family shout my friends um not have to worry psychologically over the cost of everyday items like food and clothing and restaurants and presents you don’t have that worry anymore in your life which is just i can’t even describe this i don’t think i’ve ever had that in my life that that is true that’s the beginning of of freedom right now i had a similar experience recently where where uh me and my daughter went to uh the local electronic shop here which is best buy and we went there because she was like well you know i’m thinking about getting a new computer i was like all right let’s get in the car let’s go you know and we just went to the to the thing and we picked up a close to sixteen hundred dollar laptop like it was a piece of candy literally you know no thinking no nothing and that i’m not we’re not saying this to brag we’re just portraying this as look there is there’s a point that you can get to in your life for everyone that’s watching this i know that right now a lot of you might not seem to to believe that similarly to when i first got started it was forty thousand dollars and that jane when she first got started obviously had her own difficulties and stuff but that can change very quickly i mean how quickly five weeks is that you know obviously no guarantees or anything you can make a lot more you can make a lot less you can make nothing at all it all depends on what you do with this but there is a point that you can get to where you can walk into any restaurant and order whatever you want and have a good night or a good lunch or a good whatever you want with the people you that matter to you the most and then you can move along your day and do whatever you want to do that day without having to answer to anybody and it doesn’t take long to get to that point that’s what that’s the point that i kind of want to make here and jane you’re a shining example of that because you know to go from not you know running a business that gives you migraines and stuff to now having freedom and you’ve posted many pictures of you having dinner with your family and with your your daughter and your son and all that kind of stuff and that’s really cool because that’s what really this business is about in the beginning it’s mostly about yes let’s let me make some money but after that after that initial pressure valve kind of releases and the pressure is off then it’s all about okay what do we want to do together as a family what can we do that you know would make memories and create memories for us and that’s really what is what it’s been for me in my journey online and i think you can you can confirm that too for yourself in the short five weeks that you’ve been part of this yeah there’s another amazing thing as well um my my hubby is just he’s an incredibly supportive guy um he’s usually quite a conservative man as well and i i didn’t actually because i spent money on things that didn’t work previously i saved up some money to join this and i didn’t tell him that i was joining until i had made some money and do you know what like he would never have stopped me bless him but he’s actually going to join the business david awesome because he’s like well both of us are doing this then we can make twice as much sorry he’s trying to grip things up you know yeah well that’s right yeah because he he just is it’s taken a lot of pressure off him as well you know as as the main earner in the family and it’s just really changed our lives and i i can’t tell you that night that we went for dinner that i posted that thousand dollar week basically um you know i had so much gratitude to you i never thought in a million years i don’t even get to meet you and one day when i do maybe meet you in first night oh i’m just warning you i will be a big bad bad but um i i really had so much gratitude for you this guy on the other side of the world that i’ve never met i mean my heart was really really overflowing like my god this guy is just a saint he’s an angel to be able to bring so much abundance into ordinary people’s lives it’s just incredible right so so i’m sure that a lot of people right now watching this and they’re like okay so how does it like really work what is it that like david does for for you guys that makes this work so from what you see what what how is this different from pretty much everything else like in i guess in kind of plain terms for someone that’s kind of on the fence about joining how is this different okay i would say stop promoting um stop promoting things in niche markets and low ticket products and courses as such it’s a common one in this sort of area and start promoting a business that’s got extraordinarily huge commissions as well as you know passive income i get emails sometimes every day just going hey jay and you just made like from a different part of the and i’m like wow that’s cool so we get past yeah and that’s that’s a great point that’s a great point because a lot of people don’t get this they think that oh you know i’m just starting so i should start here and then maybe get to here with bigger commissions no no you don’t want to do that you don’t want to do that because a lot of people don’t get that it’s it’s actually just as much effort to make two thousand dollar commissions and even higher commissions than it is to make a ten dollar or seven dollar commissions and you’ll just get to where you want faster i mean my goal when i was first getting started with just to do a hundred dollars a day that’s all i wanted i just wanted 100 bucks a day because that would have been that would have meant that i didn’t have to go to work every day i didn’t have to drive and do all that 3 000 a month would have basically be the same as what i was making at the time but when you promote higher ticket products you can do that in a weekend as jane has proven multiple times i mean what was your highest day so far with the program our highest day was 4 000 in the day which in australia is about just like i don’t know six seven thousand dollars so that’s the u.s that’s 4 000 u.s yeah i mean i think i made close to ten thousand aussie in like basically a week one point i mean it’s just crazy what does the average person earn in in your country in australia oh 800 to maybe 12 13 1500 a week so let’s say 4 000 like like 4 000 aussie dollars which is 3 000 regular like us dollars uh in a week um no in a month i mean in a month oh in a month um yeah that’s right probably around four grand a month yeah right yeah so and you made that in a day yeah well i made more than [Laughter] that’s incredible that’s incredible well it is incredible i mean so i made basically about 10 000 in a week which and and some aussies a lot of these might only make you know four or five thousand dollars a month right so you do in a week what they do in a month yeah and you’re doing it from home yeah yeah there you go for everyone that’s watching if that’s what you’re looking to do then you probably somewhere on this page or wherever you’re watching there’s going to be a button for you to click to learn more about this system so you can check it out so so jane i want to maybe actually before we kind of wrap it up um any advice you would give someone that’s maybe on the fence and they’re kind of watching this and they’re like yeah i’ve kind of been trying to find the right program for a long time like what advice would you give someone who’s thinking about joining you know but not sure um what you’re going to know is that david does all the follow-ups does extra promotions for us um he really does a lot to help the business for us this is david’s own business as well isn’t it david you know this is your business so you put amazing stuff in it for us um you know you’re working on it too you share it with us from what i can see so you put 100 effort into this for us the other thing is as well that i have seen countless people selling um you know shakes and potions and um you know supplements and courses and i’m telling you like i tried to sell a ten dollar product online and i could not sell it i couldn’t i spent hundreds of dollars on ads and i didn’t sell one and it cost me thousands of dollars to get into that and this is um this is a serious business and if you sit around and think about it and just think that it’s stupid to be true and you are missing out on changing your entire life in a very short space of time and to be able to finally you know do all the things that you want to do in your life without worrying about it you know it’s just you just have to do it you know you have to take a leap of faith and you felt in yourself as well that you have the confidence to be able to make it work you know and with all the help and the support in the community and david doing like all the work you really cannot lose um great advice yeah great advice and not to mention that all these shakes and potions and lotions and stuff i mean obviously they have their own demand and they have their own market and stuff but in my opinion what we’re doing here is just the beginning like there is always going to be people who are looking to work from home this is a growing market that grows way faster than we could ever fulfill this demand ever and there’s room to to grow and triple and and quadruple and all that kind of stuff in a very very short period of time for all of us like you know someone that joins this program is not going to take away from me or from from you it’s only going to add to everyone’s business because we can serve more people that way so yeah so yeah so if you’ve tried stuff in the past and it didn’t work don’t worry we all have like that’s a common thing but but just know that it’s possible to get plugged into something that requires no inventory nothing to ship nothing to store in your garage no people to manage like like a lot of people might be wondering jane do you have like a team of five people working for you no no so one minute and it takes like 20 15 minutes to set up it’s no more difficult than setting up an account because that’s all we’re doing there’s no tag there’s nothing there you go yeah you can be rocking and rolling and earning money within 15 minutes of signing up perfect perfect so jane any last words for our viewers thank you first of all for you know sharing uh your experience so far and i’m sure that this this will help a lot of people that are watching this to make the right decision for them and click the button below and basically join so any any final words for our viewers uh just take a leap of faith and change your life i cannot tell you the feelings that i have been able to experience of freedom and joy and gratitude um since coming on and and relief for my whole family as well you know it’s something i’ve never experienced before in my life even when there’s times when you might come into a little bit of money you get you know a few thousand back from your tax or you know this or that it still doesn’t compare because you kind of know in the back your mind that that’s finite but you know that that’s this is not finite you get it just keeps coming in so this is just the beginning jane like we’re just getting started with this like i i i mean that because here’s the thing and it’s kind of um something that like i don’t i wouldn’t say embarrassing or anything but here’s the thing guys a lot of a lot of you don’t don’t know this but when i first got started with my own system i didn’t get results like a lot of the members are getting right now because the version that i had was version one now we’re at like version 12 13 i keep optimizing this all the time so when new members join when new members come in they get the latest version the best performing the highest converting and and you you basically are hopping into like a like a high-speed bullet train kind of thing where before it was like pretty fast but now it’s even better so so i really look forward to see what kind of res and and it’s it’s incredible to see the the amount of results that everyday people have been getting in the group and you see people that get you know first commission within their first few days just like jane and then the next day they get i mean we had one one member that joined and literally his first day he did he posted the first commission of a hundred dollars and i thought wow that’s pretty nice a few hours went by he posted another one hey i just made another 100 bucks i was like pretty good start you know not bad the next day he started the day by posting hey i just made a thousand dollars i was like wow that’s a big jump and then a few hours later guess what he posted again that he made another thousand dollars i was like that is like i haven’t done that when i first got started with my own system so so and and it’s it again i’m not saying that because i’m jealous or anything but it’s it’s cool to see that people are producing and this is finally something that is not tilted towards only the the creator of it making money because there’s plenty of programs like that and i’ve been part of those you’ve been part of those we’ve all been part of those where it’s like one guy with like a shiny italian ferrari in the background making all the money and you join the program and the person that you join is making all the money and the members are making jack squat and they’re like it would be nice if one day i could do that that’s not what this is this is totally different this is all about i’ve built this for people like you watching right now like like jane like everyone else that’s in the system because you’re getting plugged into something that’s already working and all you got to do is just do a little bit of setup i mean how long did it take you to get everything going jane when you first got started really it only takes about 15 minutes there you go it does i mean yeah it’s just it’s easy setting up an account really that’s it there you go great so thank you again for for sharing uh your experience with the program and for everyone that’s watching if you’re interested to learn more simply click down below and we will see you guys on the next video bye thanks jane.


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