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Video Transcript:

if you want to make big commissions big Commission’s not small teeny tiny little Mickey Mouse Commission’s but big Commission’s and you want to do so by having someone else right here this guy do the work on your behalf and you still get to keep a hundred percent of the Commission’s then this video is for you! what’s going on this is David Dekel. if this is the very first time you’re watching any of my videos man you’re in for a big pleasant surprise because if you just discover one of these videos and what what I’m all about I’m all about doing the work myself while you are the one that gets to keep all the Commission’s so you basically get to make all the Commission’s that come in you are the one that gets to keep them and let me show you what I’m talking about we’re all using this little simple program that again it’s a system where the system is designed for me to do the work I do the work as it says right there and you get to keep all the Commission’s you get to make whatever commissions come in they go to you so you’re probably wondering right now okay David but is it working you know you say that you’re gonna do the work for four people and they get to keep the Commission’s so show me you should be this is what you should be thinking right now okay show me that you want you what you’re saying has actually worked like you should be kind of skeptical right now because that’s what I would be if I heard something like that so glad you asked let me actually you here’s a member by the name of Tony Torrez that literally one hour ago just posted in the group another $1000 with a with a big like a muscle thing just came in while I was out with my family on our deck in front of a campfire thank you again David Eagles for doing all the work while we make all the Commission are you getting what’s happening here I am the one did the work while Tony is out there with his family enjoying like a like a maybe like a like a little dinner or something hanging out with his family next to the deck like on the deck next to it like a campfire creating moments having a conversation doing the things that that we all kind of want to do right people like to do with their families meanwhile while he’s doing that enjoying time with his family I’m over here doing the work and he got to make $1,000 Commission not over a few weeks or a few months or something $1,000 Commission today one commission just one Commission a hundred percent of it he got to keep so you’re probably wondering oh how how’s that possible like it can you show me a few more maybe this is a fluke David this might be just one person okay tell me that this works for more than one one person sure let’s let me show you check this out here’s another one member by the name of clay brand-new member yesterday at 10:00 a.m. he posted the fat lady ain’t singing yet cuz it ain’t over got another two thousand dollar Commission in minutes ago two thousand bucks okay like are you are you getting this is u.s. dollars by the way so I don’t care where you are in the world this is serious money here we’re talking about like whether you’re in the u.s. itself or whether you’re in Canada like I am or whether you’re somewhere else altogether two thousand bucks as one commission that’s huge money doesn’t matter where you are in the world so I mean if it’s if you’re watching this right now you’re like yeah that’s not a lot of money you’re watching the wrong video okay if two thousand bucks is not a lot of money for you in one commission then you should continue doing what you’re doing because clearly whatever else you’re doing is war so but if it is a lot of money for you then you want to keep watching this because if you’re thinking right now man is it is it even possible to make one commission 2,000 bucks while someone else does the work all the work look whatever needs to be done the webinars following up with the clients doing support setting up the web pages all of that stuff all that stuff done by me I’m the one doing it me so you don’t need any fancy internet marketing skills it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80 does it matter if you’re a male or female doesn’t matter if you have experience or don’t have experience because that doesn’t matter for anything you’re not the one doing the work I am me and I have experience and I love doing this stuff so anyways let’s keep reading here because this is kind of important he says 6,000 dollars in the past twenty five point five hours so a little over a day an hour and a half over one day twenty five point five hours he did $6,000 $6,000 that is a lot of money that is a lot of money and guess what the doric for him to do to get that this guy right here now let me ask you do you want me to help you by doing the work so you can keep all the commissions whatever Commission’s come in you get to make those commissions like whatever comes in one hundred percent of that goes to you everything and I’m not even charging for the service I’m not charging you to use my system again the system where I do the work and you get to make the Commission’s not charging you to there’s no fees to to activate an account and stuff like that so if you want to see how this works there’s one thing you need to do for me okay one thing you need to do for me to start and that is below this video you’re gonna find a button I want you to click that button it’s gonna take you you’re eventually gonna end up on a page that has a webinar on it now the webinar is nothing complicated okay I’m not gonna make you do anything complicated or anything you you’reyou’re head is gonna hurt by the time you’re done with it or anything like that it’s a simple webinar that explains three things just three things but those three things are important and you probably have questions about it like how does this work and stuff like that so guess what the webinar is about well how does it work it explains how it works what programs are we promoting how does it work that you get to keep 100% of the Commission’s and I get to do the work well you get to keep all the Commission’s and stuff so that’s the first thing it explains all the different income streams that you get to potentially make Commission’s on how does it work and all that kind of stuff the second thing it explains is how to get set up quickly because let’s face it you’ve probably had the experience before if you’re not new to online marking you’ve probably had the experience where someone promises you [Music] sorry that was an incoming call coming in where someone promises you hey you know the system is amazing and you should come in and you should check it out and then you get all excited and you go in and you’re like alright I’m ready to do this and then there’s like start here step one of eight hundred and seventy-one steps and you’re like oh my god it’s like come on man who has time for eight hundred and seventy-one steps do you have time for eight hundred and seventy-one steps I don’t these people that you see here don’t in this system it takes less than ten minutes to get set up and that’s if you’re taking your time that’s if you have no idea what you’re doing ten minutes look at your clock right now look at your watch ten minutes from now you could be done in ten minutes and you have a machine a well-oiled well working machine working on your behalf and of course you got me too right as part of this as part of the system so anyways we didn’t even finish reading this so six thousand dollars in the past twenty five point five hours eight thousand seven hundred and seventy five dollars so far this week my first week first week first okay thanks David eagle for doing all the work and letting me keep all the Commission’s savvy like is this is this make sense already started to see what’s happening here because the work has to be done regardless okay it has to be done and under webinar explained this okay I go into what needs to be done how does it work because we’re getting basically we’re promoting some of the hottest programs are around right now and you get to see exactly what those programs are and there is some work that needs to be done to promote those programs but don’t worry because I’m the one that does the work okay you are the one that gets to keep whatever commissions come in they all go a hundred percent to you all of them every single one so on the webinar there’s three things we’re gonna go through what how does this work how to get set up and also how to kick-start your your system so you’re basically kind of getting everything moving towards the right direction in stuff so eight thousand seven hundred seventy five dollars his first week do the math okay if you multiply that times for assuming everything else stays the same that is a close to forty thousand dollar-a-month business forty grand a month that’s almost ten grand a week whatever nine nine grants so times four I’m bad with math thirty six thousand okay would that offend you if you ended up making less than forty your first well if again I’m not I’m not guaranteeing any results I can’t legally guarantee any results but again if you follow what I show you and you watch the webinar first watch the webinar that’s the first thing because you need to figure out is this for you is it not for you I can tell you right now that who this is for is someone who maybe you’re busy maybe you got a whole bunch of stuff happening in your life that you don’t have time for to do deal with all the setting up websites and following up with customers and all that kind of stuff then don’t worry you’re not it’s not the end of the world if you can’t do that because he got me over here and I do the work like I did for clay and guess who gets to keep all the Commission’s all the Commission’s all of them and I don’t even charge you for doing the work by the way no nothing so if you’re interested in getting to see what this is click the link below the video and make sure to watch the webinar and then set up your streams of income and all the different ways to earn commissions and stuff and then make sure to follow the steps that I show you in the webinar now the next one I wanted to show you ok so again keep in mind first week first week man this is beautiful to watch I love bragging about my members well that’s the other thing too that I want to get into in this video ok some people are watching this right now and those people are the Guru’s that sell all the courses and stuff and they’re livid inside why simply because what most people out there are doing most gurus that have stuff to sell you they have a course that they usually start off their videos and stuff by saying something like yeah this is my review on this and this and that and it sucks because of this is that but the solution is my course over here that has 7000 steps in it you should buy it give me a thousand bucks thank you for your thousand bucks here’s your manual now go off into the world and make it happen and guess what you just paid a thousand bucks for a manual that’s what you did a manual of videos that’s what that’s what happened the person is not rolling up their sleeves to help you they’re not letting you leverage their proof they’re not following up with your customers they’re not letting you use you know doing webinars on your behalf they’re not doing support on your behalf they’re not doing any of that all they’re doing is they’re just giving you a big manual huge one with a ton of steps yeah there’s probably some good information in there but all it is is it’s a manual let’s face it let’s just call the duck a duck ok but this is totally different what we have here is completely different because I’m the one that does the work me I do the work well you get to keep whatever commissions coming in as you can see we’re talking about huge Commission’s here huge we’re not talking about $7 on telezart programs I don’t play in that arena anymore I used two years ago and if that’s what you’re looking for please close this video and continue watching cute kittens rolling around you know on the carpet or whatever you were watching before because this is not for you okay guarantee you that this is if you if you’re looking to earn big commissions and I mean big I mean come on eighty seven hundred dollars in a week his first week that’s pretty serious anyways let’s keep going because there’s so many more check this out Paolo Paolo actually did six thousand dollars or was it eight thousand dollars in two days six thousand dollars I think it was in in twenty four hours or something like that but here he’s posting boom three of the income streams are on fire I lost count of the amount of Commission’s this system is fire fire and again what system is this system is simple David does the work and get us who gets to keep the Commission you do you get to keep all the Commission’s I don’t even charge you for it let’s keep going and these are all from the multiple income streams that are in the system check this out here’s another one from Nicolas de Cal dollars Friday night money to the club no wait we can’t go out so might as well have a glass of wine and make more sales here’s a commission for a hundred bucks that came in here’s another one from Scott Scott is a volunteer fireman volunteer fireman in his local community dedicated person to the community and he doesn’t want to give that up he’s all about you know pursuing his passions and stuff and that’s one of his passions but at the same time he also wants to make money online so he some time in the past he heard about he heard me on a video or somewhere say hey you know I’m gonna do the work so you can keep all the Commission’s and maybe his eyebrow kind of raised a little bit and then he was like I’m gonna test it out okay let’s see how this works he got plugged in tada look at this phone dings again before I go back to sleep before I go before I go back to sleep another $2,000 Commission dropped in two in an hour he did $4,000 $4,000 like there’s a $2,000 Commission and he had another commission before I mean David ego thanks and keep up the good work who did the work this guy David who got to keep the Commission as a member so let me ask you do you want me to do the work so you can keep whatever commissions coming do you want me to do that do you want me to help you by rolling up my sleeves not giving you another manual come on we’re all sick of that we’re all sick of that okay people shouldn’t enough with the manuals let’s start a revolution enough with the manuals nobody wants manuals anymore it wouldn’t it be nice if someone for once for once rolled up their sleeves and got to work on your behalf so you can make a commission so you can keep whatever Commission’s come in that is what this is okay and that’s why you see all of these anyways let’s keep going I’m just concerned that my mouse battery might might die from all the scrolling up and up because this is like an endless wall check this out another one from Clay that he posted earlier that day yesterday another $2,000 coming that’s $4,000 in less than 24 hours and 6775 so that was before the other 2,000 that he just got let’s keep going here here’s another one from a new member as well brand new member yesterday she posted her first post first first one second payment already came in today one week in just got started just a week and already got second payment already okay thanks David trust the process follow the training let’s keep going here’s another one from a member by the name of Pierre in the last few days have been on point 25 two days ago $250 yesterday let’s keep going five hours ago a member by the name of LG thank you David for doing the work doing the work now what is he talking about just in case you weren’t paying attention I do the work I do the follow ups I do the support I do the webinar I set up the web page I do everything that the business needs because it’s no secret guys if you’re watching this right now you know what needs to be done and you’re probably in the back of your mind you’re like yeah I know I need speed I need to shoot videos I need to do that and you’re thinking about oh I’m gonna get to do that how’s that been working for you so far how’s that been working for you so far you have the intention of making it happen but in and I know you do I know you do because when I first got started I had the same thing but you have to realize there’s this little thing called life and it usually gets in the way of stuff and up until now if you haven’t gotten to set up your online business and start earning some commissions online you got a maybe started thinking about how you’re doing things not changing anything about what you do but maybe let someone else handle it on your behalf so you can keep whatever commissions come in while I’m the one doing the work let’s keep going anyways it gets so many word to show you I’m not gonna I’m not gonna go into all of them but I’m gonna do my best to show you as many as possible now by the way if you want to do some research and you want to see what’s in this group because I’m sure you’re wondering right now man this looks amazing but you know what I what if this is like some kind of a fancy graphic thing David is doing on the screen is there is this a real place can I come check this out sure you can and I want you to I want you to actually want to do one even better for you so here’s how you get to here okay here’s how you get to here this is a free group by the way it doesn’t cost any money to come in here all you gotta do is number one click the link they see below the video it’s gonna take you to a page again with the webinar watch the webinar and create your account when when you’re inside it’s free to create an account doesn’t cost any money right at the top you will see it’s gonna say something like Facebook community or join the community or like that when he clicked that’s gonna bring you in here and then we’re gonna basically approve you two to come in and then you can scroll around check are these real people is this real is this thing even real and then you can do your research based on that so the next thing I wanted to mention is this but let’s let’s keep book cause it was a few more didn’t want to show you Alan over here check this out another five hundred bucks today Alan by the way is an international member ok he’s from all the way on the other side of the world and a beautiful country called the Philippines and he’s able to do this from his like laptop or desktop or something and it doesn’t matter that he’s like if it makes no difference the fact that he’s international and makes no difference the fact that he’s not you know here in the US or in Canada so you can do this from anywhere in the world there’s no excuses because I can remember that who’s the one doing the work who who is the one doing the work is it you well I mean if you don’t have somebody doing it I guess it is you but in this system I do I’m the one that does the work so you you okay not somebody else you can keep whatever Commission’s come in whatever commissions come in they go to you you get to make all the Commission’s all of them and I’m not even charging you for it so check this out he says another five hundred bucks today while taking care of my daughter thank you David Nichol you’re so amazing as well as your funnel now why is he thanking me I’ve never by the way met Alan we’ve never sat in the same room we weren’t buddies before this but I know for a fact that sometime in the last few weeks he made me watch the video or clicked on an email somewhere and he ended up on the system that I’m talking about and what it said was hey I do the work you get to keep all the Commission’s and he was like sounds good let’s try that kiddo let’s check it out he tried it out as soon as he started using the system his very first post you can see this in the group by the way just don’t take my word for it come inside and check this out first post was a hundred dollars he was like thank you this this is amazing I made a hundred dollars a few hours later same day I made another hundred dollars he got another hundred ala commission I was like that’s a pretty good start you know it’s a good start for first couple of days or first day I don’t remember exactly what when that was but it was the first few days and then the next day after that he posted right in there like also in the group he said hey I just made a thousand dollars I was like wow that’s a that’s a good jumper you know to go from two hundred dollar payments to a thousand dollars that’s pretty good few hours later he post another one hey I just made another thousand dollars so he went from literally two hundred dollars like his first day or first couple of days to two thousand dollars like two one thousand dollar commissions and he’s been consistently posting in the group consistently thanks David thanks David for doing the work I just made another commission thanks David of the work I just did another commission so let me ask you do you want me to help you I don’t charge you for it I’m the one that does the work you’re the one that gets to keep all the Commission’s whatever comes in 100 percent of them so let’s keep going I want to show you a few more here’s another one remember by the name of Justin good morning I was enjoying a superb Saturday breakfast sipping on a little espresso munching on some bacon while brainstorming how to take over the world when this popped in my inbox big smiley faces what you see here let me see if I can zoom this in or something just give me a second you just you’ve just been fully paid for and it says two hundred and fifty dollars two hundred and fifty bucks okay two hundred and fifty dollars I mean that is that is pretty pretty good 250 bucks and he says I can get used to this well of course you can’t you’re eating breakfast imagine this okay close your eyes for a second you’re eating breakfast okay maybe I don’t know tomorrow morning or something you’re eating breakfast and your phone dings and you look at it and it’s a commission how financially secure would you feel if something like that happens you didn’t have to leave the house you didn’t have to go down to the mall and try to pitch people or anything you didn’t have to talk to a single soul nobody I’m the one that did the work well you are the one to get to gets to keep a hundred percent of that Commission cool right let’s keep going here’s another one from a member that’s been posting non-stop 2,000 dollar commissions like literally non-stop it’s almost like he’s it’s like a automatic thing almost every day Paolo vertex live $2,000 sale on a Saturday night here in the UK thanks David you following this 2k 2k while he’s enjoying his Saturday here’s another one from a brand new member that literally just started vertex lead $500 my first payment first pick what program did you join recently that your first payment was a $500 payment what program was that like have you recently defined anything like that like again you are you gonna stop things yes sir thinking about if you want to make a big splash in your bank account like a big splash in your breakout you need to start earning bigger commissions if you’re playing in the small arena of like 10 20 dollar Commission’s you’re gonna have to work 50 times harder you know and do do 50 times more sales than what Michael just got in one payment one payment and he’s not even the one that did the work I’m the one that did the work but he’s the one that got to keep the Commission so anyways let’s keep going here there’s a few more look at this one just seen this as I was looking Scott again by as I was looking at the big picture having a drink in my garage because I’m it’s it’s raining outside I received this another one five hundred dollars hit my bank thanks David this Bud’s for you have a great weekend amazing amazing I am nothing brings me more pride and happiness than to brag about my members results not my own results my own results yes I do very well for myself I live in a brand-new house Lexus Park from the driveway the whole shebang-a-bang everything is is perfectly fine but but it’s not about me it is not about me I am here and what and I’m at this stage in in my career where it’s not about me anymore now do I get to when also when I help you of course like we all get to wait but at this stage in my career I’m all about helping my members and making this the best program the Apple the coca-cola of online programs basically and this is what this is about and in order to do that it’s not about me stuffing more cash in my pocket it’s about helping people like you that are just getting started or maybe you’ve been getting trying to get started online for the last several years but every time you do so guess what another manual gets shoved in your face and now you have to go through another 700 steps that you have no idea how to do it maybe you do know how to do it and you have every intention in the book to do it sorry I just realized my camera cuts cuts it off after like 30 minutes so anyways I’m gonna try to give this video as short as I can but you can see that these videos are getting long longer and longer and longer because more and more and more testimonials are coming in I’m just concerned that the next video you’re gonna see from me is gonna be about 16 hours long if I go through all the testimonials because did you non-stop we’ve lost count of how many testimonials have been coming in literally lost count I have no idea there’s just a lot and they keep pouring in every single day more and more and more coming in so let me ask you isn’t it time for you to get someone to do the work on your behalf so you can keep all the Commission’s this is not about giving you another manual this is not about you needing any kind of fancy skills or anything like that I literally do the work so you can make the Commission now I want to do one even better for you and I mentioned before and that is this see especially when you’re getting started online or maybe you’ve been around for a while but you might have questions right now you might be wondering about okay this sounds amazing like a best thing I’ve ever heard my entire career online but I have a question about something that’s probably maybe something you’re wondering about right now so instead of sending you to some support desk where you have to deal with somebody who’s not even part of the team and they’re like some somebody from a different country that doesn’t know anything about the business I want to do one better I am all about connecting with my numbers I’m all about helping my members and I want to connect with you live okay I’m not talking about you emailing me or anything like that I usually like to take my time and do live Hangouts with my team I usually do them on my treadmill because I could use the exercise so I go on a walk and for like a couple hours I’m just it’s open you know open office just ask whatever question you’ve got about anything related to make money online and I give you the answer maybe it’s that one or two little questions that I’ve been holding you back that you need answered from someone experienced that knows what they’re talking about to be able to help you so you can move your business to the next level in the next level in the next level after that and not only do I make sure that I connect with my members but I really kind of enjoy doing those things and we even do giveaways on those calls and multiple members have won $2,000 the different you know bonuses and things like that so that’s like really cool so to be able to access those I need to be able to invite you to them they’re free to attend doesn’t come any money but I need to be able to invite you to attend them so what you want to do is just if you’re watching this on YouTube just below the this video there’s a subscribe button you want to click on it and also click on the little icon that looks like a bell simply because what that’s going to do is it’s going to make sure to notify you when I do those calls so you can click it and check your email click it and basically come to the call and ask me questions and all of that so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on those calls okay and I do them fairly regularly so if you if you have more questions next week okay cool no problem hop on the call let’s talk let’s let me answer your questions the last thing I want to mention is this and this is a really important one on top of doing the work doing the pages the support whatever all the other stuff I want to hook you up with one more thing and that’s a very special bonus a very important bonus which is imagine if someone else someone experienced shot some videos uploaded them to YouTube to a channel that already has thousands of subscribers and in the video itself it was actually your affiliate link that goes on rotation so you basically get to get the visitors that actually click on inside those videos imagine getting that kind of traffic YouTube’s traffic is one of the best in the world because people who watch the YouTube video they have an option to watch a thousand other videos but if they stayed on the video and actually watched you have a hyper interested person on the other end and if they click that link you don’t need that very many of them to be able to generate a pretty sweet you know pretty sweet Commission from that or a pretty sweet sale from that or multiple sales even so what I want to do is I want to hook you up with some traffic free traffic free traffic forever for your link doesn’t get removed from the video itself and to be able to get that bonus there’s first thing you do obviously is you click the link below get to the webinar page but it’s part of what we call what I call a welcome week package welcome week bonus what that means is you watch the webinar if this is for you start setting up your system come in at the first first income stream which is income stream number one that’s a program where it has multiple levels when you come in at the highest level which is a $2,000 level you’re gonna get access to a bunch of other bonuses that are actually worth just as much as me taking your affiliate link and putting it inside the YouTube video but you’ll learn about those once you watch the webinar but basically you gotta come in at the highest level which is a 2k level at the first thing come stream and you got to do that within your welcome week if the Welcome Week expires and you might be watching this right now and my already be expired if it is sorry that bonus is no longer on the table but if you’re watching this and maybe you came through an email or something there’s gonna be you’re gonna see how much time is left for your welcome week I mean you’re gonna know when did you join that’s your welcoming and then come in at the 2k level before your Welcome Week end and you’ll be qualified for all of these bonuses ok and members have been posting again resolved after result after result because it’s not just the traffic it’s the system and the traffic and how I show you have to kind of kickstart everything it’s a kind of combo of everything working together nothing complex by the way again 99% of everything I do that but I want to do even more for you even hook you up with some of my best traffic no cost like you your link basically goes inside the videos every video that I produce about this system that I talked about this system and stuff your link goes in those videos and all my future want but also in all the previous videos as well and if you’re curious about how much traction is David’s channel getting go check it out on YouTube one of the fastest growing channels out there right now I’m literally sending shockwaves through the industry do a little search for any keyword you want you’ll see me right at the top so if you want your link in some of those videos make sure not to miss out on the welcome bonuses with that being said this video is already super long but you know what if you’re still here if you’re still watching that means that you have some serious interest in what I’m talking about and this maybe makes a lot of sense to you you’re sick and tired of those manuals being shoved in your face all the time you want someone to roll up their sleeves and get to work on your behalf so you can finally keep whatever Commission’s come in and if that’s the case I appreciate you first of all for staying this long and secondly I can tell you without any exaggeration that that is exactly what this is okay so click the link below make sure to get to the webinar and I’ll see you on the inside all right we’ll talk soon bye for now.

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