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Mack Reveals The AMAZING Results He’s Created Using This New System For 2 Weeks…



VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: What’s going on its Mack just wanted to give you an update here on my system in case you’re wondering because you don’t see me posting any links on my wall my Facebook wall anymore is my system even live yeah one live two weeks ago, and we already got um I got a notification last night on the fourth of January that we have 2137 um people paying the 49 a month for my system, and it’s actually the fifth now the next day of January which I’m finally getting around to recording this, and I’m finding out we’ve got over 2 500 people now paying 49 a month so uh not only am I going to show you how much I made personally as an affiliate, but I’m going to show you some of the success that other people are having here with the system uh the system is live I’m just not going to do that whole um hey you want more information comment below I’m not gonna waste my time with you Facebook guys and gals anymore, and I’ll put this video up if you want to subscribe to my channel you’ll find me on YouTube from now on but uh with that said let me flip this camera around and show you the results all right so real quick let’s go off of last night’s stats because we’re out over 2 500 people today but last night’s stats was 2137 paid members at 49 a month okay which is total income of over a hundred and four thousand seven hundred thirteen dollars in the first two weeks but who cares about what we’re making as a whole let’s see what we’re paying out to uh you know to the customers for the system because we pay 20 per month commissions here we also pay 200 per year commissions on the annual so just uh let’s say they’re all monthly for example, and it’s not at least 30 percent of the people upgrades annual that’s forty-two thousand seven hundred forty dollars in monthly residual income for our members okay again that’s all for last night’s stats 2137 okay we’re now over 2500 people as of today Tuesday hopefully i get this a video updated on January 5th right there January 5th but um so yeah I expect this to be over 10 000 in the next two weeks so income stream number one is the system me personally as an affiliate not um you know as one of the owners here that makes a little piece of you know every sale that’s you know that comes in through the front door but me promoting it as affiliate twenty thousand two hundred forty dollars in residual income uh just launching two weeks ago okay we’ve got uh before we go to my next income stream this is income stream number one this is the system let’s check out the leaderboard just yesterday alone yesterday and today over 385 sales from a guy named mike okay because the week starts it says this week’s leaders the week starts on Monday recording this on a Tuesday you got over 385 sales just mike alone and uh you know we got the leaderboard here we’ve got newbies I’ll show you in a minute new people brand new who never made a sale making money I’ll show you the face Facebook group in just a minute uh easy one up okay I can’t show you the commissions they don’t like when you show the uh you know the income stuff but what I’ll do is I will show you the amount of sales that i got like XYZ like 20 sales or whatever it is to give you an idea excuse me so uh again we launched right before Christmas let me try blocking this out, so these are the sales i just recently started and let them take the payments for me, I used to take them by stripe, so we got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen sales that are re-cleared there’s a seven-day hold okay oh god I already lost count I don’t know trying to do too much at once, and then we got these newer sales that came in again I can’t show you the mass, but you can see the different levels and I’ll let you do the math we got another I forgot where we left off but let me start again one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen that uh still have to clear a seven-day holding period, but you know I already forgot the numbers, but these are all sales from the system from easy one up okay let me knock this down, so I’m going to show you any anything else over there that they don’t want you to see um dashboard of I forgot to add this stuff up real quick hold on so easy one up i can’t show you how much I made a lot all right let me add up text by ai last two weeks plus let me add that with the number here for my system promoting it as an affiliate okay 2240 plus 20 to 40. Where are we at so far okay in the past two weeks, and we still got another income stream let me knock down text about ai let me refresh the screen see if I made any more money today thirty-eight hundred sixty-four dollars today one thousand two hundred sixty-four dollars yesterday thirteen grand last week last month which is technically when we launched last month because i wasn’t promoting traffic authority in uh in December so let’s just add this number up for the past two weeks plus two excuse me 28 732 okay not bad divided by two thirty-four thousand seven hundred eighty-six dollars per week for the last two weeks and that’s not counting easy one up which I can’t show you, and we do have a bonus income stream uh I’ll let you uh guys figure that out all that if you ever want to become a member here with this system which you can do at any time if you’re watching this on uh YouTube you can click the link in the description but um you know this is income stream alone it’s powerful I mean everybody needs traffic and with this program rather it’s been around for five years uh been making like here let’s let me just show you what i mean all time did 367 329 dollars okay because everybody needs traffic, so it’s been paying me like non-stop for the past five years even though I promoted it heavily in the first a month or two of the launch made like 200 something grand the rest of it’s trickled in since because people keep reordering traffic but um yeah I’ll show you the Facebook group real quick, so you know we’ve got now over 2500 members for whatever reason only 1.9 000. Okay 1 900 are in the group you know leave it to people to screw some steps up, and they definitely are screwing stuff up over here uh let me show you how the process works step one ask them to join the Facebook group so like 600 people managed to have not done that yet so far, or we just didn’t approve them because they didn’t answer our questions which is did you pay for the system if not is you did excuse me what’s your username so um let’s see we got to go through a lot of nonsense in this group a lot of people asking repetitive questions but let me find some good stuff like I’ve got one screenshot here because I know I’m not going to be able to find this one in this group but uh she said super happy in my three years of affiliate marketing in this first uh this is the first time she’s ever made a sale she can’t believe it she almost cried when she saw it very touching so but yeah yeah let me go through everybody I believe uh that’s Angie from not miss pronouncing it she says woo-hoo made my first commission in just one of the income streams 150 bucks there’s a welcome post you know we’re doing a couple of hundred people a day now that’d be a bad way to start the year, so we’ve got lots of testimonials from people with the different income streams and a lot of people you know contributing to the group we got an office to Tallahassee Florida that can answer your questions, but you know people still want to ask these questions here somebody books traffic, and they want to know why they got no leads you should have bought it from income stream number four in the back office which is traffic authority, and I’ll show you the back office in just a minute but lots of people succeed in here lots of beginners making money for the first time, but it’s a real simple system you come through the front door of the capture pages which redirect you to my VSL my video sales letter they click a button they pay 49 bucks a month you make 20 bucks per month commission for the referral they hit a upsell if they take it for the annual you make 200 bucks per year instead of just 20 bucks a month okay they hit the back office step one join a Facebook group step two set up the income streams income stream number one is a system as you can see it’s already completed income stream number two is easy one up now I’m already a member and I saved my username it’s gonna look different you’re gonna click a button to join and then another window will appear the person who referred you if they remember they were then instructed to save their username and go on to the next income stream which is text body ai that I showed you and the next one traffic authority so real simple system I showed people how to set up their e-wallets for both traffic authority and the actual multiple income funnel which they get paid weekly on, and then I show people how to they can get paid from easy one up and from tech spot and that step by step four back office overview I’m so blessed that so many people are following instructions but for the ones that aren’t you get your questions answered if you just watch this right here, and you can see all kinds of good stuff back here I’m not gonna there’s enough you know review videos on this system I’m not gonna go over uh everything just wanted to say um you know big things happening here again I expect over 10 000 people in the next two weeks bonus income streams okay I’ve got a bonus income stream here number six is on the way i actually uh gave somebody an opportunity to uh wow me with their offer, and I was going to put it back here, but maybe I’ll tag them in this post that’s where you could have been okay that’s where now 2500 people could have seen your offer and soon to be 10 000 people, so that’s all I got for you on this video go ahead click the link in the description if you want to join if you don’t want to join you know that’s fine I’m not really uh going to be advertising much more on my personal Facebook wall uh you know my lists are too big I just don’t have the time anymore to uh to be bothered with Facebook, so that’s it from me, Mack Mills.

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