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Video Transcript:

i was in the middle of uh like a live stream when i realized my microphone wasn’t working for what how’s it going guys this is david and in today’s video i have some really really cool proof to show you but before i get started let me not make that mistake again so i’m not talking to myself for the next 15 minutes uh if there’s uh once people hop on the line just give me a quick one in the chat box so i can see that we’ve got audio visuals and all that kind of stuff looks like it’s working but let’s just be sure meanwhile what i want to do is this i want to switch mom i want to switch my uh screen over to show you the proof the absolute incredible proof that has come in today recent changes that i’ve made in the system optimizations have completely changed the the system and the types of results that people are getting we went from doing hundreds a day sometimes thousand a day thousands per day to multiple thousands per day right now with many many many members and there’s no sign of this thing stopping any anytime soon so i see already one came in the chat box so that’s people who can now hear me so let me switch this over and show you what i’m talking about so uh one second let me just move this over here we go okay so first one i wanted to show you was one that kind of uh came in earlier today and we’re going to go through all of them but check out this one right here this is from a member that literally just got started and she started this is her first seven days and as you can see here her name is gina and she posted seven days already made four thousand dollars and those four thousand actually came in just in the last 24 hours new member four thousand dollars in 24 hours new member first seven days four thousand dollars in 24 hours now if you think that that’s not incredible enough let me show you a couple more let me actually scroll right up to the top and let’s start from the beginning so here’s this is 26 minutes ago is the time that i’m actually making this video member by the name of karise posted that he got two checks one for 28 as you can see right there and one for 320 as you can see right there and that if you add that up that’s over three thousand dollars remember florence 59 minutes ago this is still within the last hour by the way we’re just in the last little while hello i just made my first hundred dollars and dollars hooray income stream two and three so if you’re looking to make money online and you wanna do it while someone else does the work on just like you see all the members in here are getting what you’re going to want to do if you want to check out this system is you want to click the link that you see just below this video there’s going to be some green check marks there and there’s gonna be a link in the middle again i’ve recently made these optimizations to the system this is some back end stuff okay this is stuff that’s not even visible in the front end like maybe a little bit is visible if you’re really paying attention but because of those people have went from doing hundreds a day to doing thousands per day look at this member here derek okay now i don’t know derek i’ve never met eric we’ve never been in the same room together but he just pulled shared his very first post and as you can see right here just made another two thousand dollar sale while i was at the gym two thousand dollar day two thousand dollars i know people that have to work half the month to make two thousand bucks and he did this while he was at the gym check out josh over here two hours ago two thousand dollar commission came in while i was having a midday cat nap he was sleeping two thousand bucks comes in twenty five hundred dollars for the date check it check this one out post it i’m so excited four thousand dollars in less than an hour and he’s already on the leaderboard too are you seeing the difference between i don’t know if you’ve been exposed to my system before but it went from people doing hundreds a day to now doing thousands per day and this is again some optimizations that i’ve made in the back end so if you want to if you want to ride the wave and if you want to get into a system that can potentially do get you these kinds of results which is that per day what you’re going to want to do is click on the link that you see just below this video okay let’s keep going because again we’re still within today here’s three hours ago biki posted i woke up to a three thousand dollar day three thousand bucks to go from literally zero to ten thousand any other program and i know a lot of programs that it would be even possible to do than this program and i’m not talking about you obviously rolling up your sleeve i’m talking about i do the work and you are the one that gets to keep all the commissions meaning i send out the emails i do your behalf i build out the web pages i do the customer support when tickets come in not me me and my team obviously the minions and stuff basically you get the point like it’s almost like you want to make money online and you hire a whole team to do this stuff on your behalf and now a good question that should be probably circulating in your head right now is okay david that sounds great i mean obviously you know you can help me make money but how much do you charge for helping me well i’ll tell you how much you don’t there is no charge to use the system it’s all encapsulated in a coherent system that’s so dialed in and again i could sit here and talk about it and talk about it but bottom line bottom line the members results is what counts and that’s all okay i’m not here talking about percentages this so oh we have this amazing this and all the crap that you hear from all these other people oh yeah join our program we have this amazing this and this amazing that and bottom line are the members making money they not that’s what matters that’s what counts and if you pay attention in this program people are making not just making money but scenes amounts of money like 3 000 to wake up to three thousand dollars give me a break where are you gonna get that where what other program is there that doesn’t require you to roll up your sleeves to be able to get these kinds of results i don’t know of any why because they don’t exist they just don’t exist not to my awareness anyway let’s keep going here’s another member shaz shared her very very first pose now here’s the thing it’s not already amazing that she shared her first post and already made a thousand bucks if that’s not amazing enough it’s her first post first what usually happens when you join the program i tell you i’ve joined hundreds of them you join manuals you get 16 module videos to watch that takes you like three months to go through them and then you got to integrate this thing with this other thing and then you got to go through that thing and copy it over here and take this code and put it over there and build this page and get that integration working and that now you have to re the first three months of pretty much any program i’ve ever tried have been a technical nightmare that does not exist in this program why because there’s nothing for you to do other than three things number one click the link below when you get to the page you’re going to end up on a eventually you’ll get to a page that has a what you got to watch the webinar okay because it’s a long webinar it’s like an hour and 40 minutes but i explain everything so you sit your butt down for one time you watch it just like shaz did just like vicky did just like everyone you’ve seen so far and you unlock the secrets to potentially completely changing your life i mean if a thousand dollars is not meaningful you to make in a day you’re watching the wrong video maybe whatever you’re doing is making you more money great go do that but if you’re not making these kinds of results then what you’re going to want to do is click the link below go watch the webinar the second step which i explain on the webinar is exactly how to get your doesn’t take long it’s about 10 minutes and that’s like if you’re taking your time because it’s literally just copying pasting a couple of things more than a couple of things and things beyond that what you’re going to need to do also is step number three which also again i show you right on the webinar which is to kick-start your system and by that i show you exactly what i mean on the webinar when you get to it so three things just three simple easy things far too much of your time it’s a one-time setup and then you can run the whole thing in about 15 minutes a day probably even less than that so below go check it out so this is so exciting because these back-end optimizations that i’ve done and overall system optimization is now paying off to the member big big big big in a really big way and i’m really really happy about that because i love bragging about my about my members results but here’s the thing this is five hours ago let’s keep going and and before we actually move on let me just read what you wrote here less than 48 hours into the system and here comes my first easy one upset a thousand dollars so she joined less than 48 hours ago 48 hours ago already made a thousand bucks 48 hours ago she had zero she was not a member of this and now 48 hours later less than 48 hours later she’s already up a thousand bucks are you getting what’s happening here like the system is so dialed in and i’m not done by the way optimizing it i’m always checking tweaking that’s what i love i enjoy doing those things so for me that’s what i love doing and you can benefit from that because i’m the one that’s doing the work while you’re the one that gets to keep all the commissions so now let’s keep going because i have a bunch more to show you and then i want to talk about some bonuses that i want to hook you up with and then we’re going to wrap up so here’s another one jennifer seven hours ago posted boom i love sleeping and making money at the same time heck i might even go back to sleep and she made a 2 000 bucks actually as you can see right there and it’s not even noon it’s 11 in the morning when she posted this which is incredible think about it like waking up to commissions one of the coolest things that could ever happen and it’s been happening for members a lot with this system that you can get to by clicking on the link just below this video now here’s the other thing too she actually two months of being a member of the system has done 140 000 in commissions 146 000 if you average it out over two months that is over 70 000 a month in commissions and that’s growing by the way that’s not slowing down that’s actually growing so you can scale this thing to as high as you want like this potentially could be the only system you would ever need to reach whatever goals you’ve got for yourself whether it’s 5 000 a month 10 000 a month 50 000 a month i even have members who’ve done over a hundred thousand a month in profits with this exact system that you see actually just below this video here so click it if you want to see what it is if you’re even remotely curious about how are these people of this money like this is i know that right now some of you are looking at this and you’re like how’s this possible like i i maybe you have like a business and you’re like man i have like rent to pay employees to pay equipment i rent all these other expenses and i’m barely scraping by and these people are doing tens of thousands of dollars a month in profits how’s this even possible well i’ll tell you how it’s possible it’s done through a system that at this point and keeps getting better every day just below this video click the link go check it out let’s keep going here’s another one eight hours posted uh so this happened yesterday can’t get enough of the system best decision ever so she was unsure about joining she made the decision to join and ever since she’s been posting 2 000 commissions like they’re going out of style let’s keep going here’s gina which we started off with four thousand dollars in 24 hours here’s garrett 12 hours ago posted feeling great that this system helped me generate listen to this closely listen 4 000 yesterday on total autopilot notice how the last few testimonials just today none of them have been under like a thousand bucks most of them are like two grand four grand and again all of this is because of some optimizations that i’ve done and you’re welcome to check them out like just below this video and get get to join the system get yourself started and ride the wave here’s another one anna very first post again another brand new member boom two thousand bucks came in at 3 30 in the morning within 48 hours of joining the program are you getting this it’s incredible like now more than ever is the best opportunity i’ve ever seen for completely new people to start an online business and actually get results with it and again that’s done through a system and this system is just below this video the one that i do the work and you are the one that gets to keep all the commissions let’s keep going because again we’re not done here’s another one 15 hours ago we’re still like nine hours in and look at how many testimonials it’s incredible like it’s endless literally endless you’re welcome to come in the group the way you get here by the way get into the system at the top of the page after you create your account there’s gonna be a link to join the group dwayne says boom two thousand four am so members are 24 hours reporting commissions 3 30 a.m 4 a.m 11 a.m 5 p.m 2 p.m all over the place okay and notice what he’s saying thanks david for doing all the hard work so what does he mean by that well the thing with this system is for your online business to succeed you need to do cert there has to be certain things in the business emails have to go out webinar pages customer support programs to promote all kinds of stuff members area all kinds of things that need to be in the business but with this system you’re plugging into something that’s already in place already proven already generating results for members if you want to check it out click the link below 2 000 bucks 4 am he woke up to commissions and people posted some funny funny me check this out another another member shiv got himself a commission pretty cool here’s karis again 42 grand all profits uh here’s joshua again another thousand bucks and i mean i could keep going here and it’s it’s basically endless but so let me tell you about some bonuses that i want to hook out and again if you want to learn exactly how this works click the link below and i see more people hopping in the in the room that’s cool some people think this is not live like sean that’s cool man it doesn’t need to be live for you to get the value either way bonuses let’s talk about them here’s the important part that i wanna that i really wanna emphasize here for you to be able to succeed with this system or pretty much any system you’re gonna need traffic and i wanna help you with that so the way i’m gonna do that is i’m gonna hook you up with some of the best traffic that i know how to get which is traffic from my actual youtube channel youtube is special because when people get to youtube they’re in kind of research mode and they want to learn more and kind of find out more about how so when somebody clicks on the link in the description after they watch the youtube video for like 20 minutes you got yourself a very interested kind of a prospect so what i want to do is i want to hook you up with actual like traffic from my own youtube channel now the way that this is going to work is i’m basically going to be recording the videos publishing the videos coming up with the content editing them all that kind of stuff and then on the video description just in the description of the video there’s going to be a link just like the link that you see in the description of this video now this link is a rotation link and the way it works is this your affiliate link and i’m going to be placing that inside of the rotation now i’m not guaranteeing any amount of specific clicks it all depends on how much volume comes in you might get several clicks a day you might get a hundred you know a few hundred clicks over the course of a month you might get very few might get a lot it all depends on what comes in but does that come in from those visitors they all go to you and i’m basically doing the work so you can keep all the commissions now how do you qualify for this bonus it’s really simple it’s a time sensitive promotion and you know you might be watching this and it’s already over if it is sorry if and here’s how you get it when you click the link below and get to the system there’s going to be multiple income streams under the webinar video that you’re going to watch after you create your account what i want you to do is i want you to set up income stream number one to the highest level which is a two thousand dollar level now the reason i want you to do that is simply because a couple of reasons actually number one it’s the highest possible commission level in that which basically means when you get to that level now you’re essentially eligible to make up to two thousand dollar commissions that will go directly to you so if i’m already gonna help you with helping you with traffic and doing all the sending out the emails and all that kind of stuff it makes sense for you to be able to capitalize on those commission not be able to you know not miss out in case a commission comes in and you’re not even qualified to make it and that kind of sucks so that’s one of the reasons i want you to come into that level number two is it will qualify you for this bonus and not only that but there’s actually two additional bonuses that i’m going to be hooking you up with and those are all talked about inside the video itself like the webinar itself so i’m not going to get into those in this video but i will five hundred dollars in value and you’re going to absolutely love them a lot of people like sometimes they join just to get the bonuses which i’ve had a couple members tell me that so what i want you to do is again click the link below go check it out the way you find out if this promotion is still on or not is under the webinar video there’s going to be like a little timer thing that is going to say how much time is left or it’s going to say expired if it’s expired sorry you missed out if it’s not expired it will tell you how much time is left for you to get in now the last thing i want to mention is this from time to time i do um q on this channel if you want to attend them now i’m pretty sure you’re not going to need to attend them because on the webinar that you’re going to watch i pretty much answer all your questions it’s a very detailed webinar that you’re not going to have any questions after that but just in case you do okay just in case you do i want to invite you to the next upcoming questions and answers session that we’re going to have and i’m going to be sending out the invitations through this youtube channel so what i want you to do is i want you to click on somewhere around like here just below here there’s going to be a subscribe button if it’s red click it until it becomes gray one time and then what’s going to happen is you’re going to see a little bell i want you to click on the bell because this way you replied when the next live stream goes live and then you’re going to be able to come into the to the to the room so with that being said let me just scan the uh chat real quick to see what’s uh what’s happening here and see what’s going on all right so we’ve got hari says hi watching live cool hari how’s it going fawad says my one day so hurry up man hurry up don’t let it expire uh let’s see mino says i’ve made 2 500 this month thank you david for the system mino you are welcome thank you for jumping in and making money with it and let’s see we got samsung asking what happened to his account just log in and use it and that’s basically all we’ve got so with that being said guys that’s it for this video i’m gonna you know make sure to wrap it up now and uh click the link below go check it out get involved okay if you’re even remotely curious about how these people everyone that i’ve shown you is making money click the link below and go check it out for yourself you will be blown away at how much people have and also how how new people are getting involved and already producing incredible results and i i nothing will make me happier than to brag about your results you the person watching this right now on my next video so with that being said we’ll talk soon.


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