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Video Transcript:

hey what’s going on it’s david and i wanted to bring you another incredible case study this one is from a member from australia that was able to do just in his first two weeks 27 000 and listen to this in the eight months that he’s been part of my system he then went on to do 376 000 for himself and that is absolutely incredible and i want you to pay really close attention to this case study and i’m hoping that it will give you the information that you need to make an informed decision whether this system that i have just below this video is for you or not so with that being said let’s dive right into it here’s the case study hey everybody how’s it going it’s david dickel and today i have a very very very special case study and a special guest i have paolo burning el all the way from australia paolo how’s it going hey dave yeah i’m good thanks for having me for sure we have a really really special case study to share with everyone today and uh let’s get started with it so i guess the first thing i want to kind of start off with paulo is i want uh if you can share a little bit about yourself first of all and kind of uh we’re gonna get to the results in a minute but i want everyone that’s watching this to maybe get a sense of first of all who you are what you’re about and then we’ll kind of go off to the results after that yeah sure david so what i’ll do is i’ll share my screen so that i can show uh other people like the our audience where it came from okay let me know if you can see the screen yeah i can see it there’s a big truck it is yeah it is it’s a it’s a it’s a mining mining uh dump truck so basically paolo beringer is a filipino engineer and i migrated from the philippines to ma to pert western australia as a mechanical engineer so that’s my original profession so my specialty is maintaining heavy equipments you know maintaining engines hydraulics electricals nothing to do with uh like what i’m doing now yeah it sounds like that’s where the world all together yeah exactly that’s where it came from so how did you get involved with internet marketing i’m curious yeah sure not a problem so what happened was when i uh when i moved to to australia i’m earning a lot of money and uh i’m earning like 120 000 per year right but the problem with that is because i’m working too hard that that job that i showed you that previous job i’m i’m working probably 40 60 hours a week that’s a lot of hours yeah because if if something breaks down like if we need to go to a to a machine or to uh to an equipment we need to fix it and so what happened was even though i’m earning a lot of money i don’t have a life really right so it came to a point where i decided or i realized that i have to do something something new you know i’m sure that there’s an opportunity out there that doesn’t require me to work that hard right and it all started with uh me and couple of my mates we were having drinks and uh you know a couple of ideas came up some of them said how about uh you know dominos or like pizza delivery something like that but at the end of that conversation i ended up going to google and search for the keyword how to make money online that’s it and then the first product that i purchased was uh how to create an ebook that’s the first uh course and the product that i purchased i i kind of started on i would say on the right right step how to create an ebook and once you have created the ebook then you have to go to different giveaways and uh give away the ebook to build your list something like that promotion but then event yeah promotions but then eventually uh i lost my way because the next question is how do you get traffic so i ended up you know learning all the different stuff like like solo ads all these different stuff like bing ads google ads complicated uh different traffic sources you know and i would say since 2000 since 2011 when i first started my life with you know internet marketing i didn’t really make money from 2011 to 2015 i believe four years yeah i’m or yeah 2015 2016 yeah i’m just you know doing all this stuff trying to learn all this stuff but nothing’s really happening right right so and then what happened was uh i lost my job oh i lost my mechanical in the engineering job and then because of all this you know stuff that i learned from the internet i was actually able to when was that i had the opportunity to work for uh for a digital marketing agency in sydney so i work there for as a like a media buyer facebook ads media buyer but on the side i’m still doing the i’m learning this internet marketing stuff and then in 2016 that’s when i had my breakthrough because uh you know i i sort of understood that you need a product you need a funnel a marketing and sales funnel and then you get you need to get traffic so when i get that idea then it started happening that uh but for me it’s uh like a breakthrough right i started making like a hundred dollars you know like small commissions and i’m happy with that hey that was my goal when i first got started all i wanted was a hundred bucks a day because if you do a hundred dollars consistently a day that’s three thousand dollars per month which means that for most people they don’t have to go to a regular job no need to travel no need to be in a car you know for an hour to work an hour back so that’s kind of a good goal to start so what happened next so yeah so what happened next is that uh the challenge with uh with this is that i sort of okay i got some commissions but then because it’s a small commission and nothing lasts forever right so sometimes the the company would be shut down or there’s a different product that will be launched so i have to go from scratch again start from scratch again and uh yeah it’s just uh i think it’s a kind of uh i get burned out you know it’s hard because uh it’s almost like whenever there’s a new product that that uh that came out you have to create a new marketing and sales funnel around that product and then you need to get the right traffic so it’s tough for me you know right right okay so you’re you started off around 2011 you went through about five five year learning curve finally you started to make some money but then it wasn’t consistent and it was smaller commissions and you were feeling like oh man this is i’m still kind of starting to get burned out so now eventually you you ended up finding kind of one of my systems which wasn’t the current one that you’re using was the previous one that that i originally had and you kind of got involved so how how did we get introduced by the way how did you find my uh my my system all right okay that’s an interesting story so what happened was uh there there is this one program that uh i was promoting and in that company i actually earned i think i earned uh how much like eighty thousand in maybe two years in two years okay or one year of promoting it and what happened was there was a big delay in the payout and you know in our industry the cash flow like in any business right the cash flow is important very important so what happened was uh a lot of my commissions were on hold and i spoke to my sponsor and he introduced me to your system [Music] okay okay introduce me to your system and this was back in april right and what what happened uh since yes i watched the i watched the webinar and i was sort of you know expecting that okay what’s what’s going to be the product what do we need to do i watched the webinar and at the end of the webinar i was like this is completely different okay what was different about it from everything else that you’ve experienced before what what about it made you say oh this is this is it yeah so what what makes it different is that if you compare your system to the like the other products out there normally what the other products would tell you is number one you need to look for a product to promote and then number two they would normally give you a share link for let’s say a click funnels or optimize press or you know you still need to build the landing page and it takes time right especially if you’re a complete beginner 100 takes a lot of time 100 takes time and then the next one is you need to set up your autoresponder with the follow-up emails and the problem with that is i mean even myself i’m not a good uh copywriter so if you don’t know how to write emails that will convert then it’s going to be a problem for you right i know that convert man it took me a while to get there yeah so i was like when i saw the system when i saw your webinar and i saw the system i was like this is completely different from all the other products that i’ve seen because with your system all we have to do is create an account log in the affiliate ids or user ids and that’s it and the number the the best part of that is uh it’s free right your system is free so it’s pretty awesome so so yeah so what happened was i i i watched the webinar i set up my affiliate links plug it into the the system and i started promoting because you gave us the traffic source as well so that’s the other thing right you already gave us one of the best traffic source that that you use and i set up my campaign and my ads went live and i think in the i was surprised because in the in the first two weeks i made 27 000 with your system yeah i remember i and i got the testimonial for that i was like whoa that’s a big start right there you know that’s a pretty big start 27 000 in the first two weeks yeah yeah it’s 27 000 man it’s pretty awesome and then yeah it’s just amazing because when when uh when the money started rolling in so obviously you still need to like reinvest some of the the revenue to buying more traffic right so that you can scale so just to give you guys an idea just before you continue with the numbers yeah paulo was doing a hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year with this job that he had to work 40 to 60 hours which translates to about 10 000 a month probably before tax after tax who knows how much you take home maybe eight maybe nine with this system he was able to do 27 000 in the first two weeks of him starting so 10 000 in a job that you have to work 40 to 60 hours a week and you’re not even taking 10 000 home versus your own business where he made 27 000 his first two weeks two weeks not a month and you probably weren’t even working 40 to 60 hours on this no no there you go i mean i i think i became lazy after using the system lazy is good man lazy is not a problem as long as you set up everything and you got everything kind of happening it’s lazy is not a problem you know it’s actually a better lifestyle it is it’s a better lifestyle yeah yep so yeah pretty awesome man when i found the found out about the system and i was i’m really thankful to my sponsor who introduced me to you and yeah i’m thankful that uh i found your system thankful that i found finally to you know like got to meet you as well yeah for sure so yeah after the 27 000 in two weeks uh like the month after that i made 31 347. so the month after that 31k yes okay yeah that’s that’s 31 000 for everybody that’s watching that’s 31 000. in a single month just the second month after starting i don’t know of a single anything you can get involved in to get those kinds of results that quick and by the way it’s not like paulo was you know an internet marketing genius guru techie guy with lots of experience again he started off by having a different job altogether nothing to do with internet marketing at all incredible yeah exactly man exactly and uh yeah it’s just it just keeps on getting better and better so the month after that i made uh 48 690. almost 50 000 yeah it’s like a salary of uh like an australian for a year in a single month yeah pretty awesome because this is this is this is unbelievable this is beautiful yeah and then the month after that it’s uh like another 30 000 the following month is another thirty thousand and uh the next month it’s uh another forty seven thousand so it’s almost uh five thousand and fifty yeah yeah fifty thousand sorry yeah and then yeah it’s twenty three thousand another thirty thousand so yes just keep on you know so the total in the eight months that you’ve been involved is how much uh i just i just made my final tally so overall in the eight month in eight months period i made a total of uh oh my god uh 376 thousand six hundred forty in eight months with your system absolutely incredible congratulations man big congratulations and i know that i’ve actually just seen your post in the group that you got yourself a nice little present maybe tell tell the viewers about it a little bit yeah yeah sure man sure so uh i actually just pick up a new car so it’s a range it’s a land rover range rover sport nice hse dynamic so it’s a beautiful car man yeah yeah that that car is is nice that car is nice but you know what you deserve it you you you got involved at the right time you’re doing the right things you’re focused you watch the webinar you’ve implemented everything that i showed you and things are just working just like they are for a lot of other members so so now let me ask you so has making this kind of money impacted your personal life in any way obviously you just got yourself a new car so that’s super nice but how about other areas have has it made any difference between what you were doing before and how you’re living life now what’s the difference yeah absolutely man absolutely so i don’t i don’t want to be too uh like emotional but if i have to then i’m gonna just be uh yeah yeah for sure this is what we’re here for we want to share this is for people who are watching i want to give people a sense of look maybe you are in the same place that paulo was where you think oh the dream is i’m going to get a degree in something i’m going to specialize i’m going to go get a good job which is exactly what you did let’s face it you you listen to probably everyone that told you what to do you got a degree in something engineering electrical engineering you mentioned and then you got a job high paying job and you were still unhappy so what’s the solution i know that a lot of people are watching this right now thinking man i’ve been doing what people have been telling me to do i’ve been following the system that my parents told me and all this kind of stuff and i’m still not where i want to be so you’ve actually figured it out by leveraging my system and now you’re doing the kind of numbers that you truly deserve to make and you’re living the kind of life that you deserve to live so how is it different than what you were kind of doing before what what’s different now yeah it’s a mess it’s a massive change man in the lifestyle plus if going back to when i was doing the mechanical engineering job because i have a girlfriend and she’s been my like long time best friend girlfriend the problem with that engineering job is that you know although i’m earning 120 000 a year because i’m doing a lot of work like traveling around australia so most of the time i have to be at the airport at like 5 00 a.m 6 a.m so i have to leave the house at let’s say 4 30 or you know early hours and i’ll be away for like a week so i almost lost my you know my best friend my girlfriend you know that that relationship because of the the job and at that point i was like the photo that i showed you that’s my breaking point i was like what am i doing here you know i’m earning i’m earning 120k but i’m not even enjoying it so what’s the point of uh you know earning a lot of money if i’m gonna be losing my my my best friend my girlfriend and i’m not spending the money anyway because i’m not able to enjoy it because of the work right so right now because of your because of your system and because of all these blessings that we are getting i am able to provide for my girlfriend and the most important bit and this is what keeps me going my motivation is because my girlfriend her father is a diabetic and because her parents live in the philippines they don’t have a like a good medical you know medical support in the philippines so it’s a bit expensive to have a diabetic uh you know person that do that you have to look after so the the earnings that i’m getting from you know from from your system we are using that to support her father you know so that’s that’s one of uh like my way of like motivating myself i’m not doing it just for the money man it’s uh it’s also for helping my girlfriend and helping her father for sure and for sure so that’s one and uh yeah so and i was also able to retire my my like my girlfriend because she is a nurse but again it’s like the the job of being a nurse right it’s a lot of stress a lot of hard work and she enjoys being a model so now she’s doing what she loves to do you know she she she’s a model she stopped being a nurse and i was able to support her nice you know nice yeah so so it’s not just impacted your life it impacted the people around you too and the people around the world thank you man yeah that’s pretty cool that’s really cool that’s really really cool man really really cool any other differences in in your personal life uh what else uh different lifestyle like when i still wake up early morning to do my you know to do my to go to the gym do my motivation and affirmations but compared before that i have to work 40 60 hours so a week like right now i would probably work between 9 to 12 in the morning and then after that after lunch i have the rest of my day you know so at lunch like you’re you’re doing whatever else you want to do basically yes yes exactly that’s a pretty cool lifestyle man that’s a pretty cool lifestyle so let me ask you how do you how do you feel now like about kind of yourself knowing that look i don’t have to worry about this money stuff anymore because you know that you can repeat what you’re doing and you can make even more and it can grow even bigger and things are going to be okay you know you don’t have to look for a job you don’t have to be on an airplane at five o’clock in the morning every every week and stuff like that how does that make you feel financially like does it give you security yeah a hundred percent man it’s like uh you can i i can sleep i can sleep really good at night and uh and this is one of the good things as well man because uh because i’m in australia and most of my customers are in the us so what is happening is that when when i go to sleep right at night the following day when i wake up and i think you’ve seen this in my posts normally when i wake up you know when i wake up that’s when i get to see that all these commissions have you know have broken into my account right which proves that i don’t even have to do any work right because you’re doing all the work right right cool yeah it’s just amazing so another thing that you’ve mentioned uh that i want to kind of go over paulo mentioned that one of the opportunities that he was in you know the company obviously made some whatever decisions they had to make and commissions were delayed and money wasn’t paid out on time and all that kind of stuff see with this system it doesn’t work like that because you get paid instantly so maybe paulo you can cover a little bit about that yeah yeah for sure so what i love about this system is that uh most of the income streams that we have right especially this big one the the income stream number one is that when someone makes a purchase it’s instant commissions for us so if it’s paid by a paypal or let’s say stripe or whatever merchant account it would go to your account instantly and you should be able to get that commission into your bank account so there’s no way there’s no there’s no waiting no any anything like that you make a sale you get the money today basically exactly i mean i don’t know how much better you can get than that i mean that’s pretty insane right i mean i mean i used to hate i used to hate mondays but like right now i’m looking at my account in one of the income streams uh on coming let’s say on monday i i already have like 5169 going into my bank account this coming monday there you go you know and pretty awesome yeah yeah cool so so let me ask you this paulo so now you’ve made you know over 300 370 000 plus in in the past eight months you’ve got yourself a brand new range rover you’re helping your family you’re helping your girlfriend you’re helping her family you got a different lifestyle now so now that you’ve obviously been on the inside you know how it works you’ve been successful with it what advice would you give someone who’s potentially watching this and thinking okay this looks good but i’m not sure maybe about this maybe about that like what would you give what would you tell someone kind of on the outside looking in and you know not sure whether they should get involved or not who who is this really for who is the system for okay sure so if you are someone who is let’s say on the other side of the fence of you know whether you want you want to join the system or you know you cannot decide my recommendation is watch the webinar because i personally i it took me probably two three three three times three times of uh like to watch that webinar and really understand what’s happening watch the webinar and follow exactly all the steps that david is asking you to do like from the beginning of the webinar all the way to the end of the webinar follow exactly all the steps don’t skip a step and make sure that like if you can make sure that you upgrade your accounts to all the highest levels so that you don’t miss out on any commissions and i mean the the the work the initial work is uh will probably take you you know like a long time to do the initial work but once the initial work is done the only recurring task that you need to do is basically send traffic or in our case buy the traffic and most importantly when you start getting the results like start getting the the money uh you also need to like reinvest portion of it so that you can get more traffic and my advice to you guys is once you start getting the results make sure that you stay focused as well don’t try to you know when you start getting the commissions from from the system don’t try to like branch out and do like 100 different things all at the same time just stay focused on this and you will get the success 100 man i couldn’t agree more focus is so so so important and i see it happening all the time you know people have a lot of success in something they’re like oh yes i’ve i’ve made some commissions now it’s time to get involved in these seven other things no it’s the opposite because you’ve had some success because you want to get to success faster and even make the success even bigger you want to remove everything else and just do the one thing that’s been working for you just like you have for the past eight months and the results show clearly 376 thousand dollars that’s australian dollars by the way for everyone that’s watching uh which in in us is probably what what 320 something like that still 320 000 in a period of eight months i mean i know six families that don’t make that you know in a whole year so uh so yeah incredible that’s absolutely incredible so paulo thank you very very much any final words for our viewers any personal message you want to give to anybody that’s watching this yeah sure man personal message to you guys is that david is here and he created the system for all of us because he wanted to help us now you can also get in contact with me on facebook i’m a real person as you can see i help my students and team members we’re here to help you because we you know we’re a team so make sure that you use david’s system and follow exactly all his uh instructions and uh stay focused 100 100 100 so apollo thanks again and for everybody that’s watching if you’re interested in learning more about this the exact system that took paulo from zero to 376 000 in eight months just simply click the link that you see just below this video or a button that you see just below and you’re going to be able to see the exact system paulo thank you again for sharing all that with the viewers and we’ll see you guys on the next video bye for now thank you.

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