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Video Transcript:

hey how’s it going this is david and you’re about to see a very special video case study with a member who’s done 10 000 his first 30 days and then went on to do 80 000 in the six months that he’s been in the program his name is michael he’s from florida and i want you to hear very very carefully what he has to say about the system and why it’s different and how he was able to generate those types of results so with that being said let’s dive right into it here we go how’s it going everyone this is david and today i have a very very very special case study for you today i have michael here from florida and i’ve invited michael and he was gracious enough to take the time and come and do this case study for you guys and he has incredible results to share with you in fact i was blown away when i actually found out how much he made so michael welcome to the call i really want to thank you for doing this this is incredible uh how you doing first of all doing very good thank you david thanks for having me here uh it’s definitely an honor you know to be invited here i wasn’t expecting it but you know i don’t usually even do interviews but i had to share you know the story and the results i’ve been getting because of your system and everything you have done so that’s why i’m here absolutely and you know i don’t do too many of these interviews unless it’s like a really spectacular kind of a story and yours really is so michael why don’t we maybe get started i mean we’ll get to the results in a minute but let’s maybe get started with tell us a little bit about yourself like how did you get involved in the industry what did you used to do before and that that kind of thing so the the viewers can get a bit of a sense of kind of who you are and what you’re about that kind of thing yeah absolutely uh well my story you know is i i grew up in ukraine you know so my story is a little bit you know different i didn’t grow up in us uh even though i spent most of my life here now uh i came here when i was 13. you know my family left everything behind former soviet union and like we’re gonna go explore this american dream and all this stuff and i still remember you know coming and going to school i didn’t speak in english and all that stuff and everything was different and new and i remember early on you know one thing that was always drilled into me is like you have to work hard here in this country there is a land of opportunities but the only way i thought you know it was to make any money was you know get a job get a good degree i still remember my parents telling me you know if you don’t you know study hard and don’t get a high degree you’re going to work at mcdonald’s you know my parents had very you know soviet like mentality you know because that’s where they believe you know it’s not their fault it’s just what they grew up with so that’s all they knew so i remember coming to school and all that and i i never felt what i fit in it was just like i went to school and like first of all i didn’t speak english at first but then i learned english after a few years because i was forced to and i was hating school with a passion and then i barely finished high school and um i had to go pick a college and i still remember my parents you gotta go to college you get to go to college so i did and i’m like i’m gonna study business right so i went to college and you know all this i applied somehow i got in i don’t even know how because i just like barely passed through school just to make my parents happy and long story short i’m not going to get into all the details but i remember you know sitting in class and i wanted to know about business i’m learning from all these professors and whatever the topic i was learning about and you know none of them ever owned the business and that was the thing that always kind of was the disconnect for me because i’m like i’m learning from people the only business and i still remember you know i don’t want to get too much into all the stuff that happened in between but i remember my friend trump’s um uh my friend ari he’s and he’s like i met some lawyer guy and he’s extending a business in the area or something and he’s like i’m eating him in dunkin donuts and it’s like he’s talking about the business i’m like really business lawyer what is this all about and he’s like well if you want i can invite you and i still remember i’m like yeah i want to find out if his room available so it’s like i’m eating a dunkin donuts long story short i’m like yeah i’ll be there he said oh yeah bring your friend all this stuff i show up my friend never shows up so it was me and this lawyer guy and he’s an attorney and he was uh i lived in massachusetts back then now i live in florida but my family is in massachusetts and i remember this lawyer guy was traveling from albany new york and he was came and he’s like oh yeah i’m extending a new area and he’s like sit down and start drawing circles and that’s how i got introduced to this industry called network marketing right which is not what we’re in really but you know that’s kind of how i got a new world open up to me that there was like another way of making money right and uh he started throwing circles and all this stuff i’m not gonna get into all the details here either but long story short i saw the circles i got fired up i’m like wow you mean i don’t have to trade time for money i don’t have to do that i was sold a dream right i’m like so this is the american dream maybe that’s what it is and he basically sold me an idea he was like i’m like how do i sign up i signed up uh long story short he’s like oh you got to be at this meeting in new york on tuesday come dressed in a tie all the stuff so i’m like yeah i’ll be there but what do i have to do he gives me a catalog i bring it home i lived with my parents while i was going to college and still remember my parents are like you gotta buy from me you gotta buy all the stuff and uh it was like lotions potions uh products and stuff i was excited my parents looked at it they’re like this is like twice the price that i get at walmart why would i buy the stock mom you don’t understand you know this is a business all the stuff they didn’t get it um but i got fired up and i got excited and um that’s when a whole new world opened up to me because uh you know again i don’t want to get into all the details on what happened in my journey like exactly what happened but the biggest thing i realized is that most people i was meeting at those meetings they were like dropout a lot of them didn’t finish college and or high school i met a guy who didn’t finish high school and he was making seven figures he showed me his checks and i was just like how’s this possible because i didn’t know there was any other way to make money right but you know they were teaching the old school ways those guys were doing it all for mlm you know network marketing go meet make a friends and family list go to shopping malls prosper i did all those things i used to kidnap my friends to bring him to a meeting but nobody saw what i saw everybody was like what is this thing you’re in i remember kidnap a friend let’s go for a drive an hour to new york i’m like i’ll bring you somewhere and we went and they should have where am i so it was crazy right right you know i never made money in that right and so this that was kind of your entry point to the to the world of online marketing i guess right so i started thinking outside the bar so i’m like okay my friends and family don’t want anything to do with it but there’s people who think like me somewhere out there there’s got to be a better way um to find people right and i don’t know if i even put college you know and i was devastated my parents because i’m like i’m gonna be i’m gonna figure this thing out i don’t want to trade my tank for money i want to learn from people who are millionaires not college professors who are kind of like you know just having a job and never had a business i’m like i want to learn from these people so i read a lot of books my mindset started to change a lot of those things that helped uh but i started thinking outside the box i mean there’s gonna be a better way for me to find people who are thinking like me because i realize i’m like it’s kind of like i’m trying to convince a vegetarian to eat meat it’s like i’m selling a steak to a vegetarian like these people want nothing to do with it and i i thought earlier there’s people like me somewhere out there i started looking online long story short i found the system i found the stance of attraction all the stuff but you know i still didn’t learn how to do you know leverage systems i i knew how to sell i got a sales job in the process that’s actually where i don’t know how to sell so when i first entered my first kind of breaks through happened was when i got on the phone and i started closing people on the phone but i still couldn’t drive traffic i couldn’t find that i was just buying lettuce that was cold coal and all that and i made some money and actually started making decent money but i got burned out real fast right right so yeah there’s the right way of doing things and there’s the hard and tedious and very long process of doing things right my income would go like this sometimes i would get like really excited i would go on a sprees and then i’d be like oh man i can’t do this anymore like i was on the phone for four hours i was kind of doing good because i wasn’t doing like mlm model i was doing more of a higher ticket somewhat to what we’re doing now right but you know how to size it i didn’t know how to drive traffic so i i was i was basically cold poland right and um i was working a job in the process and that’s kind of how it all happened and then i’m like i gotta learn to systemize it i gotta learn a different method i gotta learn how to market and you know i got into different things but long story short i mean you had to create funnels you had to still learn how to do technical aspects you had to create content you had to do this and it took me years to have like real breakthrough where i can actually have some kind of income where i made money from just doing my own marketing without like cold calling right um but the issue i encountered people couldn’t duplicate what i was doing because it took me years like i found a mentor i remember investing thousands of dollars who taught me this stuff most people didn’t have the patience right yeah and it’s really it was kind of that kind of journey right and i’m not i’m not here to obviously knock the mlm industry and stuff but the thing with that uh specific industry is that um you have to if you want to succeed in you know doing mlm for those of you that are viewers right now what do an mlm you know being a high performer and getting on the phone and all that that’s not really like it’s a double-edged sword because yes you can maybe get sales for yourself but the person you’re signing up is looking at you thinking am i gonna have to do that i don’t i don’t know how to do that i don’t want to do that so they usually just opt out so there is obviously a better way and let’s maybe kind of get into that so so how long ago how did you find my system like what was the how did you come about you know finding that right so at one point right i kind of decided you know what i want to take a little break because i just didn’t feel like people i was working were having enough success right and i knew what i went through and it was kind of frustrating to me all the time because yeah i had people have success but the percentage was always seem to be like very small right because again not everybody was willing to go through what i went through to learn all those skills and i even took a whole year off from the industry i said i’m gonna go do real estate and i went to the real estate and you know i had some success with it not like digital marketing uh but i had some you know decent success and about six months ago uh somebody showed me your system and what got my attention was i do all the work you do all the work you do all the follow-up you do everything and you know you do all the summon and what i realized when i went through your presentation is that you had everything in one place that i couldn’t didn’t have before right you had to offer you had the bonuses you had the irresistible offer uh you had the urgency why they should take action right now and i was used to selling like i would sell like a 20 something dollar product and then i would upsell into higher right you’re you you were getting people to join it from the highest level i’m like this is different and then i went through a follow-up and i started getting like all these emails from you i’m like if i send this many emails i probably get them how do you do this so like they get my attention and the follow-up is phenomenal your follow-up converts better than anything i don’t i i stopped even worrying about that stuff so yeah thank you thank you i i and that again that takes time right a lot of people think okay well you know sometimes people think oh yeah all you need is just to send a couple emails well if it was that easy everybody would be making money right now so i decided you know what let me take care of that for my members so you guys just focus on one thing and which is you know just the one thing just one thing which is you know promote your link and stuff which i even show you how and i’ll take care of everything else and that that works they can get better they can get into more technical aspects as they go but i think the most important thing is for them for a new person to create a story they want to get that sale and uh like even when i started right okay i have some experience in the past but i’m new i don’t have anything with the system yet well you have results you have the facebook group and there’s people posting too until we can create right and for a new person that’s phenomenal yeah absolutely when would you take care of the the proof and the testimonials and the follow-up questions but right but then if you saw all these members making all this money like wait i’m just getting started i’m on my way to make whatever but it’s like look all these members i just got started but they’re making money you can do it too right right so so what happened you joined you you obviously saw that this is different because i do the work and you basically get to keep the commissions and you just need to focus on the one thing so what happened as soon as you started what were your results since you’ve joined started right as soon as i started my first month i did over ten thousand dollars in commissions it was your first month uh i’ve been promoting in one month my first month right ten thousand dollars you’re probably not six months my first month i made ten thousand dollars that’s enough well now it’s 80 000 in six months eighty thousand dollars in six months yeah and my biggest week i just had the biggest week actually right after i made you that video where i had like a record-breaking week i actually had another record-breaking it was fourteen thousand dollars that i ended up doing a single week in a single week yeah so so for everyone that’s watching right now okay just just to just to decipher this for you in case you’re not following he joined six months ago his first 30 days he made 10 000 which is more than pretty much any kind of job that you can get out there with doing regular jobs i mean that’s probably more than what family whole family makes in like a whole month and and up till now 80 000 80 000 that is incredible man in six months and fourteen thousand dollar weeks in the process the best part about it is i’m actually working less on making more that’s i think to me is the the leverage here is amazing because again i used to do so many things and so many headaches and now it’s kind of like a muscle shift wow i can work less i can make more i can just generate more traffic and let the system take care of it absolutely absolutely that is what by the way why i set this up this is when when i was when i first joined the industry i had the same problem like you there was the technical there was the follow-up there was the conversions the problem there was the videos to make there was all these different things and as i i mean a lot of people see me and they’re like oh man this dude is like an overnight success all of a sudden he’s like you know attracting all these people yeah it’s a six year overnight success that took a long time to kind of get here but but the the most important thing is that i’m i’m trying to you know alleviate do you guys doing the things that you really don’t need to focus on and you just need to do the one thing that really produces the results and obviously 80 000 in six months that’s clearly it’s working so let me ask you this so eighty thousand dollars in six months which is absolutely phenomenal has that made any impact in your personal life like what’s different is there anything different right now in your personal life that that making this kind of money has been able to do for you yeah because i have more time i have more freedom i have more things to do things that i love doing right because again like i was doing real estate but i was chasing all these sellers trying to find all this distressed property like all this it was taking like all my day just like when i was doing when i first got into the industry right so there was no freedom it’s like what do you work for you make the money but you have no freedom to enjoy it we’re preaching the dream right we’re selling the dream but we’re leaving the nightmare and that’s kind of another thing that used to frustrate me but now you know having come this far and you know found your system uh the leverage we have is is amazing but that’s not even the most exciting okay yes i have time freedom yes i have all that i have new people that have come in i have a girl that just started and she just made two sales both at two thousand dollars so four thousand dollars in her first new person right in in the first 30 days i have another lady she’s in uk she made uh her first two thousand dollars you know so there’s so many i’m seeing story after story people are saying they can duplicate right and i just told him hey focus on one thing only and you can have success too absolutely for those of you that are watching this the viewers right now if you’re wondering like how is it that new people are now able to get results that’s because here’s the thing this is all part of a system okay a system where the system doesn’t care who’s using it as long as you use it correctly and you do the few little things you need to do it will perform it’s a machine basically it’s it’s a machine that does the same job every single day and it doesn’t matter who’s using it right so that’s the important part so if you if you’ve never had success in the past or you you’re doing things in your business and it’s not working either you want to look at something you know doing something differently which is maybe clicking the button below and checking out what this system is or if you up until now you’ve been kind of frustrated that you have all these things to do in your business making videos and you know getting websites up and doing all kinds of uh things like email follow-up and dealing with autoresponders and merchant accounts and all these different things you don’t need to do any of that here any of that i mean there is the setup how long did it take you to get set up with this michael i mean maybe an hour max there you go there you go so for those of you that are watching is it worth for you to take an hour of your time and get plugged into something that can potentially make you again no guarantees or anything like that but 80 000 in six months that is incredible i mean i used to do that’s double what i used to make a year working a regular job before i got involved in the industry double in half the time and and you don’t have to do you have to now and another thing that i want to ask you because a lot of people right now are probably you know looking at this thinking a couple of things out of the 80 000 you know because there’s a lot of programs out there it’s like oh yeah we made 80 000 in in sales but what did you take home that’s the question so this program by the way is 100 commission so out of the 80 000 you know how much of that did i you know take i didn’t take anything because michael got to keep all of those commissions and that’s kind of important now also michael another question for you a lot of people might be wondering do you have like a team of 10 people to make the 80 000 in six months no i didn’t have to build an army and i think that’s you know if you join traditional where i came from the world right you need an army of people you need a village probably right to earn any money uh or like to make ten thousand a month it takes a lot of people you know and again there’s attrition right people drop out all the stuff like all the headaches here it’s strictly hey you make a sale get paid but you get paid a higher commission and the margin is big and that allows you to scale fast it allows you to you know not not worry about all the other headaches right making tiny commissions right you know you can be some commissioner yeah yeah that’s the other thing too the commissions that we we get to see here most often is uh i mean what what what are your typical commissions michael i mean i can tell you what i what i had this morning i don’t know if you saw that in the group which was you know a pretty big one but that’s not a typical one right that i don’t i don’t even do that every day i’m constantly in the group posting uh i made a 2000 or maybe four thousand it seems to be like you know two thousand four thousand a day not every day but it adds up right right absolutely absolutely so so michael let me ask you this for the viewers that are watching this right now what advice would you give someone that’s kind of on the fence maybe they looked at the program or they’ve they haven’t even looked at it and they’re kind of trying to find something that works what advice do you have for somebody that’s watching this right now that you can give them as an experienced user of the system somebody who’s inside already seen what’s how it works and obviously had phenomenal results you know but the biggest advice i can give i think a lot of things is people are like oh there’s a fear aspect is this going to work for me is this going to do this right that’s what holds a lot of people back or like let me dip one toe in the water hopefully it works they don’t say it but that’s what goes through their mind right oh i don’t know because they don’t believe yet right my advice is trust the system trust the process get started at the highest level because then you’re committed and if you’re committed mentally physically you’re all in with both feet you jump at both feet something starts opening up on the other side you have to figure it out you have to make it work you know i’ve seen it all the time people who commit fully they’re the most like most likely ones to succeed and the ones that did one toe they just drop out right right great advice great advice so i mean get positioned the right way activate as many income streams as you can you know that’s that’s the main thing you know and treat it as a business right right and that’s the other thing too in this program it’s not just one income stream that that you get paid from michael if you can maybe touch on that a little bit how is how is this program different than maybe everything else that’s kind of out there or you know picking a product off of clickbank or something to promote right so you’re still doing the same work right you’re still doing the same effort you’re promoting one link but you and your system is promoting all the income streams that you have inside the system right so it’s the same effort so why not you know that’s why it makes sense to have as many income streams open as you can activate it because again you’re still doing the same work effort i don’t care if you’re promoting you know i think it’s just much effort to even sell uh i don’t know 100 products and i’ve proven many times myself as it’s to sell a higher ticket product same effort you might as well sell something higher ticket but also you might as well have multiple streams of income if you’re still doing the same work with one link for sure you just get to your goals faster you make more money everybody’s happier maximize your margins then you can take some of your money if you decide to run some more traffic you can reinvest it gives you more flexibility to scale fast absolutely absolutely so michael thank you thank you very much for taking the time to come and do this case study that’s incredible eighty thousand dollars in six months that’s absolutely phenomenal i mean uh you know that’s for for a for anybody i mean making i mean if if nothing else changes which of course i know it’s gonna be higher but if nothing else changes over the next six months another that’s already close to over six figures a year close to you know multiple six figures at this point so any final words for our for our viewers i think i already said it again and i keep saying it’s just like get started don’t question it you don’t need to think about it just take action if other if you know if i can do it so can you and i’m not the only one i mean if you look inside your facebook group it’s just the amount of success is just mind-blowing to me that got my attention because i have never seen this many people succeeding every day there’s a new person i just saw that lady you just interviewed uh she’s posting tell her four thousand dollar days she just got started i think she did what twenty thousand in like five weeks yeah i was blown away too that’s why i invited her i was like how five weeks 20k that’s great i mean she did better than i did and i and she’s moving so i when i was new in the industry i didn’t make anywhere close to that i mean it was like a year of struggle that i went through to be able to make anything you know and then after that once i started really paying attention to the stuff that’s important that’s when things kind of opened up and now you guys get the best one absolutely me too man me too i wish i had this too but the good news is now we do so now we do we can we can take full advantage of it it’s like a high-speed bullet train that can take as many people on board and honestly we’re just getting started with this there will there it doesn’t matter how many people join in the next three to six to 12 months we are never ever ever in my opinion gonna be able to ever fulfill the demand that’s in the market because every single day more and more people are looking to start a business more and more and there’s not enough of us so what’s that people are losing jobs absolutely especially it’s amazing and not only that but a lot of people are realizing that their job is not as secure as they thought it was and also from the the the moment that people kind of are at home a lot of them don’t want to go back i don’t blame them i mean who would want to sit in traffic and do all this stuff where you can be at home with the kids and doing whatever you want and that kind of stuff and the best part is that they can make money fast okay i think a lot of people they hear this phrase is this get rich quick oh do you want to make money slow i don’t know yeah and i think that people’s belief that calls them like oh if you make money fast it must be a bad thing right it’s not a bad thing you know what that’s okay sometimes people need to sit on the sidelines for a little while to watch other people make a a ton of money and then maybe something switches on and then they do me personally when i see something i want i just go for it all and i go all in with the highest levels because it doesn’t make sense it’s either go big or go home for me anyways but again everybody has their preference right so yeah so thanks again michael i really appreciate it for everyone that’s watching uh if you’re interested in learning more about this system how did michael do exactly 80 000 in six months the exact system that he uses you want to click the button that’s just below or somewhere on this page is going to be a button with that being said thank you michael again for doing this and we’ll see you guys inside the system and on the next video bye for now!

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