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Video Transcript

hey how’s it going it’s david and i wanted to bring you another incredible case study of another member who’s literally just joined and in her first 43 days was already able to do over 31 000 thirty one thousand dollars in 43 days she’s a single mom with two kids living in orlando florida her name is karen and i’m really really excited to share her case study with you in hopes that it will give you the information that you need to make an informed decision about joining my system after you watch it if this system is for you i really urge you to click the button just below or the link just below or somewhere on this page depending where you’re watching this and get involved if this system is for you with that being said let’s get started here we go hey everyone this is david diekel and today i have a very special guest karen strickland from orlando florida right yesterday right so i wanted to do this really special case study because i’ve noticed that karen has been having phenomenal results with the system that i’ve got and uh i wanted to bring her to do a call so she can share a little bit about what how did she get involved and just share her story and what kind of results you’ve made so far and this way for any of you watching that are on the fence or you’re not sure if the system is for you maybe this video will help you make a more informed decision so first of all karen welcome to the call thanks for agreeing to me thank you for having me thank you this is awesome i’m so excited to do this yes me too me too this is awesome i’ve never done anything like this with any of the other companies i was with so this is a very much a privilege thank you well i guess that maybe the results that you’ve had here are a little bit different than the results you’ve had with other companies so maybe that’s why yeah maybe a little bit so karen i guess first of all i want to maybe uh start off with um if you can tell us a little bit about yourself so the viewers can kind of get a sense of who you are what you’re about and kind of how did you get introduced to the industry sure absolutely well i’ve been in that i was in network marketing it would have been 20 years this december um and i had been with one company very loyal for about 16 years and i knew it was time to change in network marketing you always have to shift and pivot with the trends and um so i jumped around to a couple different companies and then i started wanting to work behind the scenes a little bit more because i’m 45 years old and i know there’s going to be a day where i’m not going to want to i have to do cartwheels all over facebook to try to get everybody’s attention so i started researching and this just kind of fell in my lap and i’ll be honest with you i researched it for a little while before i actually decided to jump on board but um i’m a single mom of two and i work full-time so i’ve been able to build this business while still working and managing everything else that i do and um it’s just been a huge blessing and i’m very thankful very thankful i didn’t let that fear hold me back so so with everything that you have going on you were still able to kind of launch this thing and get it going it’s incredible so so let me ask you this so what made you join you mentioned that you did some research before you joined and you didn’t kind of jump in right away so that’s obviously a good move you know to make an informed decision but what made you out of the hundreds or thousands of different opportunities that are out there because there really are a lot there’s a lot of stuff out there what made you specifically join my system what about it kind of made sense to you well i saw the 100 commissions and that was huge because i the most i’ve ever earned ever in any network marketing industry was 50 so i saw the 100 and i did some research on some other affiliate marketing programs and i understand large corporations all large corporations have an affiliate marketing program but you always have to split the profits with the company and i wanted to join something where i didn’t have to split the profits so that’s what interested me the most and then i found your youtube channel and i got absorbed with that i think i sat on there for about a week i probably saw a ton of videos and then i found some other i like to call them heavy hitters in our industry that are doing really really well and i’ll be honest with you i i just found them on facebook i kind of creeped on their pages a little bit and i was kind of like a sponge for a week or so and just really absorbed how they were posting what they were doing and it just looked like something i wanted to tackle and i knew that i could do it if i set my mind to it so right right and let’s let’s get to the to the meat of it so how long did you get involved in the system what kind of results did you get as far as uh um like dollars and cents and stuff because i’m sure the viewers want to know exactly what were your results i always like to share that um i signed up i joined on september 13th and i took about three weeks to really study and um i launched live on october 5th and i remember when i made my first hundred and twenty-five dollars i was so excited i remember my post i was like oh my god i read 125 and um shortly after that the ball started rolling so my first week in the business i made 6 175 wow i’ll tell you yeah it was pretty pretty incredible um so my first month was twelve thousand six hundred ninety seven dollars and seventy seven cents so this is my first time ever earning five numbers five figures a month yeah five figures that’s five today is my 43rd day with this company so a little over a month little over a month 31 000 3.26 wow wow that’s five weeks that’s about five weeks or so and and you’re at how much thirty one thousand three dollars and twenty six cents that is incredible incredible have you ever earned this kind of money before with any program no not at all so mama’s getting herself out of debt right right and and you know i mean and and and when you look back at it it’s really not that complicated right like it’s not a no it’s not it’s not at all it’s a very simple system it does take a minute to get set up but once you’re set up and running the system does everything for you and you know i have to be honest in saying that i actually reached out to somebody i was going to join them but they never responded so your follow-up emails you shared ali as one of your testimonies and so i found her on facebook and i reached out to her and she actually reached back to me and so that’s why i decided to join with her and um her and i have since locked arms and uh we’ve built a powerful vip training group for our team members girl power that we put together we’re doing a zoom slash live tomorrow in our testimonial group and it’s been it’s been pretty amazing so this is just 30 000 in five weeks your first five weeks that is incredible that is absolutely incredible so let me ask you this so now that you’ve made um you know this this this amount of money which is 100 commissions by the way for everybody that’s watching this 100 she gets to keep all of that so has it made any impact in your personal life to be able to make this kind of money in this short period of time it sure has um well i used to be a mom on government assistance so i’ve been there done that and um being a single mom of two i don’t get any help their dad had a massive heart attack so i i do everything on my own and you know i had to rob peter to pay paul so i went in some credit card debt so i’ve been able to pay off three credit cards and continuing to pay off more unfortunately um my kids think i’m rich but i make sure to let them know that we are not rich that we are doing right things with this money so that it’s exciting i think the biggest impact is that i can go to the grocery store um i no longer have to live paycheck to paycheck so i can go to the grocery store now and all the food that’s on the conveyor belt i can actually buy without having to worry about the ticket price there have been times where you know i crossed my fingers and just hoped that my debit card would cover it and um sometimes it did and it was really embarrassing i would have to have my kids collect the groceries take them back and go put them back on them you know back on the shelf and it was embarrassing and i got to go shopping the other day and i don’t have to worry about that anymore and it’s it’s very humbling it’s very intimidating to earn this type of money this fast because you know everybody talks big all this money comes in you’re gonna do this and do that with it but i’ll tell you what when it comes in really fast i feel like it’s a huge blessing and god has given you a really big responsibility because he knows you’re ready to handle it and i just want to make sure i do right by it right right so big congratulations first of all and and how does it feel now to know that look you know things are are gonna be okay you know you don’t have to worry about the things that you kind of used to worry about and doing the things the way you do them now you know that predictably and as much as you can take this business pretty much as high as you want and you know exactly what to do because it’s not a complicated business let’s let’s face it the system does a lot of the heavy lifting i send out the emails i do the work you make the commissions and pretty much things are kind of automated so now how does that kind of make you feel knowing that moving forward you know now you’re on a different path with this well now i’m excited to open up the other streams of income so i’m just excited to try to i just was so focused on number one because it’s 100 commission so like why wouldn’t you be right um but now that i feel like i’ve gotten that down like now my focus is to learn the other streams and i did open up for them but i don’t even know how to use them and i’m actually making money in them but i don’t even know how to use them so my i know it’s a great problem to have but um i really want to dive in and learn how to use those programs appropriately so right so again more proof that you don’t need to be an absolute expert in the beginning you just trust that it works and and i guess that leads me to my next question which is for somebody that’s watching this right now and and maybe they’re on the fence they’re not 100 sure you know is this the right system because in this industry especially in our industry there’s a lot of big talk and a lot of people saying oh yeah join my thing and we’ll do this and that but many a lot of that doesn’t you know go anywhere so what advice would you give someone that’s kind of looking in from the outside and not sure if if this is for them or not well i would recommend doing your research of course because any decision that you make you want to have peace about it right coming in so do your research and um you will find nothing but good about this program um i know for me when i launched live on october 5th i had 18 dollars and 30 cents in my account and within three days i had 6 000. so when i tell you that i know that you’re scared and i know there’s a fear um what you’re looking for is on the other side of that fear and if you come in and you’re a person determined to make it happen no matter what you will do well here um you know the old saying you can bring the horse to water but you can’t make them drink right so you can come into this program and not do anything with it i don’t know why you would do that but you can also come into this program be a sponge absorb everything and take off with it and honestly your family deserves that so i would say give it a try i mean if you don’t you learn something we have a whole i my favorite word is plethora plethora of digital online courses um you know at your fingertips you can learn so much and even if you learn just like one thing a week and implement it and take action on it your business is going to blow up over time so you know the more you learn the more you earn and um i just think this is a it’s an amazing opportunity and i can’t wait to rope my kids into it to be honest so i’d say go for it you have nothing to lose absolutely absolutely yeah it’s it’s that little bit of confidence that kind of can take people over the edge and and put them on a different path just like exactly what happened to you yes all right great so any final words for our viewers i guess first of all thank you again for sharing all of this this has been pretty incredible to know that you’ve done over 30 000 in your first 43 days which is i mean i would i would like to say unbelievable but i’ve seen it before so it’s not like having it’s it’s it’s amazing to see and that’s what i created the system for really i mean it’s when i first got started it was all a big technical nightmare and a bunch of other things that i needed to do that i had to kind of figure out and i said well you know what the moment that i figured this these things out for myself i’m going to help a whole bunch of people with this because i know that what i wanted when i first got started was exactly the same thing as you i didn’t want to worry about ticket prices i wanted to be able to go in a restaurant sit down order whatever i want on the menu and not worry about it because that makes you know no difference so that’s really what the system is for if you want to take your your financials to the next level and and the next level after that i mean we have people in this in this specific program that have done over six figures a month which is still kind of hard to believe but it’s doable it’s very doable and and you can take it as high as you want so karen again thank you and any final words for for the viewers um i just want to say thank you to everybody that paved the way before me like david thank you so much for this program and this opportunity it seriously has changed my life my kids lives and i’m forever grateful so i feel like i owe it to you and to the people out there that are struggling to continue to pass this on so i think the most important thing about this since i began is that i’ve never been in a position to be able to help other people and to get pay it forward and now i’m able to and um you know i went to starbucks the other day and paid for the guys coffee behind me and i just have never been able to do that before and i was able to help out with something real recently as well and you know honestly that’s what it’s all about for me right now is is just being able to make sure we’re in good standing and being able to help other people so my passion is you know people that are struggling um i want to be able to help and so i just want them to know that this is a great opportunity um you know jump on board stop waiting the longer you wait the more money you’re losing and the less people you’re able to help and there are people that are attached to your dream and fear if you can’t let fear hold you back you need to move forward so right and more than anything it’s not just about our lives that we’re changing we’re changing also the lives of people around us like i can’t tell you how many things i’ve been able to do for my daughter and how many things other people have been able to do for their families and just like you said you you got two kids and has that has that made an impact on their lives too i would assume that it did oh yeah oh yeah well my daughter’s birthday is coming up so she gave me a list and she’s been looking on amazon and um my son i i got him something for her birthday too which you know usually we’re not able to do those things so it’s just the little things right now really it’s just the little things of just knowing that hey we can go this weekend and get a pair of shoes if we need them like we don’t have to budget and wait till payday um when i had launched i had the and thirty cents and that was on monday and i didn’t get paid until friday and that’s how i used to live and i don’t have to live like that anymore and neither do you it’s amazing right karen thank you very very much for coming to this case study i really appreciate it and for everyone that’s watching this if you want to learn more about the system or if you’re ready to get started simply click the button that you see just below this video or somewhere on this page is going to be somewhere for you to click and uh yeah that’s pretty much it thank you again and we’ll see you on the next video bye for now thank you bye.

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